Always Learning

The old adage ‘you learn something new every day’ is a bit of an understatement in 2020. In an always changing digital world, we’re gaining new knowledge, skills, values and attitudes all day, every day.

Learning enriches your mind and offers new perspectives on the world, helping your personal, professional and business development. Be open to learning wherever you go and think of every learning moment as a chance to grow.

At the office

You might have left your study days long behind you but encouraging and embracing learning in the workplace is essential to maximising potential as a business. Organising educational webinars, team training days and inviting consultants into the office are great ways to upskill, while never forgetting the people at the heart of your business.

Offices are a goldmine of different life experiences. Find everyday ways for your team to share their knowledge and skills. Encourage collaboration across departments, regular meetings where coworkers can get to know each other and coffee catchups with team members and clients.


In your own home

While it can be tempting to completely switch off once you walk through the door, it doesn’t mean you stop learning. Hop on the streaming service of your choice for documentaries on any topic imaginable and gain a little insight into an experience that’s different to your own. Prop open a cookbook and give a new recipe a try, or flip through a magazine for some DIY project inspiration. Bask in the sense of accomplishment that comes from learning a new skill or improving your home.


With your loved ones

Family, friends and partners all have something to offer us. Take a moment to ask about someone’s day or if they’ve learned something interesting lately. Actively listening to what our loved ones are saying helps us learn more about them as people, strengthening our relationships for the future.


Out in the community

After weeks of disconnect, it’s a great time to get out and support your local community and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it. For your next team building day, or for a family outing on the weekends, keep an eye out for events at your local library, cultural fairs and markets, and rallies for things you care about. All at an appropriate social distance, of course.


On the web

It’s not all cat videos and pictures of home office set ups. There are so many opportunities to expand your mind online. No matter where your interests lie, be sure to follow a diverse range of creators to gain different perspectives.

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Looking for more opportunities for learning and business development? We’re here to share what we know.

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