Becoming BEING

Best Beginnings

In 1989 in London, before Being Brands was even a thought in anybody’s mind, Siebert Neethling and Rory Robertshaw met and worked together in a photographic studio. Rory had a guitar, but couldn’t play it. Siebert could play, but didn’t have a guitar. A convenient arrangement cemented the new friendship and Siebert started busking to earn extra cash.

Some years later in Africa, the two friends worked together in charity organisations and also started a business. They were together at a conference when Siebert met Kerry Pollock, and a year later Rory was best man at their wedding.

Branching Out

In Australia Siebert and Kerry followed different career paths. Siebert established a consultancy and met Julia Milner, who became a close friend and colleague. In 2014 Siebert, Rory and Julia established Imprint Strategic Pty Ltd – a specialist consultancy focused on the challenges of leadership.

Being Brands

In 2015 Kerry bravely left her corporate career to establish Being Brands, a creative agency operating as a trading name of Imprint Strategic. Under her creative leadership as Principal and Founder, Being Brands thrived. Siebert added his strategic and managerial expertise as CEO of the overarching company, and Julia and Rory added insights and support as shareholders and Associate Directors. New services were added, and the company grew to twenty staff.

Becoming BEING

The two sides of the company – strategic consulting and branding – increasingly integrated and complemented each other. In 2018 the holding company, Imprint Strategic, was renamed The Being Group, operating as Being Strategy and Being Brands. BEING also established a business in the UK, Being Group Limited, and opened an office in London. Then in January 2019 the integration was completed!

BEING is now unified under one simple banner. Siebert, Kerry, Rory, Julia and our amazing team members continue to build a strong and meaningful business, backed by our wonderful culture. Meet some of the team!

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