Hit Refresh

If you agree with any one of the following points, you may require some web assistance. If you agree with ALL of the following points, you needed a new website like, yesterday.

You’re Embarrassed

If a friend, relative or client mentions they’ve ‘had a look’ at your website and you immediately want to crawl into a hole and cry – that’s generally not a great sign. Your website should be something you’re proud of sharing with the world, not something you want to sweep aside.

You’re not Optimised

Can’t access your website on a mobile or tablet? That’s OK. Only 68% of all Internet users will try viewing it on one. Sure, you could stick with only reaching a third of your entire potential market. Alternatively, you could time-travel out of the Dark Ages into 2016.

You’re Invisible

“Hey, that business sounds cool – I’ll just Google search them. Let’s see… I can’t find anything on the first page… Or the next seven… Oh, but look! Here’s a funny YouTube video of fat, angry cats in hats. LOL.” If your SEO isn’t up to date, search engines aren’t going to help you – they’re going to hide you. Trust us, hide-and-seek isn’t fun when you’re buried 18,346,788 searches deep.

You don’t do that Anymore

People keep calling up your business for scented candles, but you haven’t sold those since the accidental warehouse fire of ’98. This wouldn’t be happening if you’d just deleted your out-of-date data during the nineties.

You’re Lost

Clicking the ‘Home’ tab redirects you to the ‘Contact’ page. The ‘Contact’ tab redirects you to the ‘About’ page. The ‘About’ page redirects you to a high-stakes poker site hosted in Sweden. If the few tabs on your website can only be navigated with a treasure map, a compass and the light of the Northern Star, you’re lost. And so is everyone else. You need someone to build a website that won’t leave potential customers seven videos deep in ‘Goats that Sound Like People Yelling’.

If you’ve (reluctantly) ticked any points on this list, don’t use it as an excuse to go offline. Let the professionals step in and build a website, or refresh your existing one, for you. Give us a call – we’d love to help you hit refresh.

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