Discovering an Empowering Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is ordinarily conceptualised with the end goal of customer conversion. But sometimes, there’s a campaign that leaves you feeling genuinely fuzzy inside. Woolworths Discovery Garden is one of them. It’s not just the downright adorable graphics of bumblebees and butterflies on their interactive webpage (although we do love them!) – it’s more than that.

What makes it so great?

Discovery Garden tackles the recent pitfall of useless plastic-laden promotions aimed at children. While free trinkets are nice, the unmistakable hypocrisy of doing away with plastic bags and then giving away hundreds of thousands of plastic knickknacks isn’t lost on the general public. Introducing a marketing campaign that communicates the importance of sustainability while giving back to the Earth can really do no wrong.

Now, before you say ‘Hey! Didn’t Woolworths just run the “Lion King Ooshies” marketing campaign?’ We know. There are so many things big brands get wrong (like plastic wrapping around a cucumber). But using your power to become an agency for change – no matter how small – is a win in our eyes. There’s plenty of distance to trek before we no longer have to awkwardly roll plastic off our cucumbers, but one step in the right direction is still a step toward a better future.

If not a plastic toy, than what?

With Discovery Garden, instead of getting a piece of plastic with every $30 spent, you get a seedling kit in a compostable, plantable pot. There are twenty-four to collect, ranging from herbs like basil and thyme, to veggies like radish and carrot, all the way to spring-time flowers like Snapdragons and Violets. If like us the recent climate news has left you feeling a little underwhelmed about the future of our planet, switching to home-grown veggies and herbs is one small way you can start to make a difference.

What else is in this marketing campaign?

As if the Discovery Garden campaign couldn’t get any better, Woolworths are also giving away educational resources to help kids (and let’s face it, adults, too!) learn all about growing plants that are healthy and thriving. They include downloadable curriculums categorised into grade levels and age groups, making them the perfect extra-curricular activity resource for primary school teachers and parents.

A downloadable storybook, which encourages users to complete activities and track their seedlings’ progress, takes children on a fun journey toward developing their green thumb. The super cute how-to videos (found on the Discovery Garden webpage) equips kids with the knowledge they need to get started on their gardening adventure.

Discovery Garden discovered our hearts!

We think Woolworths has nailed their Discovery Garden marketing campaign. Growing children’s minds by empowering them to grow Earth-friendly and genuinely useful produce is the perfect way to communicate the brand’s sustainability and environmental focus.

At BEING, we love helping clients nail that perfect marketing campaign. If you need help conceptualising your own, our integrative team are at your service! We promise our creativity is a lot better than our gardening skills.

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