Falling in Love with a Brand

At First Sight

You’ve been looking for something special your whole life – and when it happens you’re not expecting it.

It’s the brand that catches your eye. Maybe it has a charming marketing strategy, charismatic copy or overall brand personality. Maybe you’re just attracted to the packaging.

So you entertain the idea of a fling. You’re not sure if things will develop beyond this moment, but you’ve got that promising, fluttery feeling in your stomach. This could be the beginning of something more.

Building a Relationship

Things are going well for you two.

You can’t stop thinking about the brand and how positively it contributes itself to your life. You want to know more about it. Where did it come from? What’s its life story?

You like the way the brand markets itself to you — like you’re the only customer in the world. You can’t believe how lucky you are to have found a brand that cares about you so much.

Remaining Faithful

Time has passed. Together, you’ve fallen into a comfortable routine.

You’ve met the family a few times — other products associated with your brand — and have begun to embrace them too. You’ve told your friends about it. When things don’t go as planned — at work, with family, in life — you know your brand will still be there for you, as comforting as a warm hug.

You think it might be love.

Make or Break

You never thought this would happen. That it could happen. Your brand has changed.

It’s a foreign formula, a questionable new look, a shift in its tone of voice. Your brand still wants to be with you, but it wants to see other people too. Trust has been broken, confidence rattled. You begin to question your history together. Will it continue to change after this? Can you move past these differences?

The decision must be made. Risk it all and embrace the change, or walk away and start something new — with another brand.

Married to the Brand

You give the brand one last chance. As it proves its reliability once more, that old brand personality shines through.

You begin to remember the things that made you fall in love in the first place — the way you felt together, the way you feel now. And you come to realise that there’s no replacement for this brand in your heart.

So you recommit. You wed that brand for life. And you feel complete, knowing you’ve fallen in love with the perfect brand for you.


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