Get Social

Get Online

So you’re a new entrepreneur ready to begin spruiking copies of your wasabi and cactus recipe book? Good for you! Just know that people probably won’t be purchasing that on LinkedIn. Facebook? Potentially. Instagram? More likely. Pinterest? Bingo.

A key to selling on social media is to hone where your target audience converges most online. This may be on one platform or several. For example, potential publishers may congregate on LinkedIn, while your prospective buyers browse Instagram. Once you’ve worked out what your targets are using, start building those profiles accordingly. You’ll need them to expand your network.

Get Networking

You (rightfully) think your product is awesome. So why isn’t anybody following you yet? The reason is harsh, but simple: they don’t know you exist. Unfortunately it’s up to YOU to make the first connection.

Yes this is boring. Yes you’d rather be sticking pins in your eyes. But grunt work is a necessary obstacle on the road to sales success. To make things a little clearer for yourself, create daily, weekly and monthly engagement goals. Search relevant sites to unearth people with links to your industry. Follow pages related to your brand. Hashtag significant key words. Re-tweet, answer questions, share and comment. Engage, sleep, repeat.

Get Essential

You’ve invented a genius spray that magically keeps water off car windows, but for some strange reason it isn’t selling. Meanwhile, trivial products like alien-shaped breath mints and French fry iPhone cases are practically flying off the shelves. Why? Clever marketing!

If you describe your brand as ‘sort of useful, fairly reasonably priced and just generally OK’ who’s gonna buy it? Whatever you’re selling, make it a must have. Advertise it with lifestyle photography, promote testimonials, and tag and share people engaging with your brand. If you market your product as indispensible, people will begin to believe it is.

Get Together

Don’t underrate the power of aspiration as an effective selling tool. ‘It’ girl and mega supermodel Kendall Jenner already has a huge social media following – so her contracts for Estée Lauder, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein hardly come as a surprise.

Establish a quid pro quo arrangement with potential (and appropriate) brand ambassadors to gain greater exposure. In exchange for business perks, your ambassador promotes you to their following – positioning your product as something fans might also like. Try offering a special incentive (like a discount code) through your ambassador to get sales traffic moving.

Get Clear

If a visitor is actively seeking out your page, they’re hoping to learn, do or purchase something. Whether they’re hunting for company info, product details, prices, or merely hoping to snag a bargain, one thing we’re clarifying is that you need to be clear.
Specify your offer. Make your links obvious. List simple instructions. If Betsy-Lou just wants to buy a beret, don’t make her jump through a subscription process, service ratings and ten fiery hoops to get one. She may as well fly to France. If you turn an otherwise easy experience into a consumer nightmare, don’t expect to see those customers again.

So all that’s really left to do now is get online and get selling. Got it? Great!

If you need help to get online and market your amazing product or service, we are experts getting social! See how we’ve helped other awesome brands to get noticed.

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