Ladies First

With this month being Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day coming up, what better time to talk about the wonderful world of innovation for ladies? From products to podcasts, we’re sharing some powerful female-focused brands.


CEO Kristy Chong leads the inventive Australian brand Modibodi – so she’s big on women designing products for women! While there are many reasons ladies can use their products, they’re especially great as an alternative to single-use sanitary items. In just a few years, Modibodi has fine-tuned a collection of eco-friendly, functional, innovative and comfortable products. Their ethos roots itself in promoting female empowerment without limitations.


Though it shouldn’t be a thing, many women continue to fear for their safety when walking home alone. Life360 is a live location-sharing app that allows anyone to create groups for people to share locations privately. It enables women to feel safer in real time, with a handy Help Alert function acting as a lifeline if users ever feel at risk.


Research has shown discomfort is the most common reason for women skip to mammograms. Because early detection and treatment is key, Hologic knew this barrier needed to end. Hologic is a global medical company that has innovated technology with ergonomic designs to minimise turn-off from pain, encouraging more women to get checked.


Flo is the number one app for women’s health – providing a tracker, calendar, daily insights, assistance and secret chat forum. It’s an amazing resource to help women get in touch with their bodies, offering answers to why users might be feeling a particular way on any given day.

Ladies, We Need To Talk

“A podcast for women, by women, that isn’t afraid to dive into the tricky topics we often avoid talking about.” Hosted by Australian media personality Yum Stynes, Ladies, We Need to Talk refreshing and candid outlet is binge-worthy. From making friends as an adult to recovering from difficult experiences, this podcast is a relatable and all-inclusive podcast that targets women and validates thoughts and feelings.

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