Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Most of us have not lived through war or sustained economic turmoil, but generations before us did. Unfortunately, this is our turn. Resilience. Productivity. Strategic recovery. Three powerful themes to help leaders face the challenge of our lives. Make the best of down-time. Promote mental wellbeing by getting teams to interact remotely in the most meaningful way.

Leaders in all organisations now face unprecedented challenges:


Some organisations – essential to society’s very survival – are overrun by demand and the stress of adapting and innovating under pressure. How do you maintain the stamina and endurance of a workforce burdened by community expectations, domestic challenges and personal anxiety and fear? For the millions on the other side of the spectrum, isolated and fearing for their future – how do we support their wellbeing? How do we keep our people strong and how do we help them to be and remain positive in the face of such uncertainty? What is resilience at a time like this?



Some organisations teeter on the edge of failure, desperately harnessing challenged resources to survive. How do you maintain productivity at a time that it is needed most, but challenged by enforced isolation, compelling distractions and reduced collaboration?


Strategic recovery

All organisations that will survive this ordeal will need to re-build. How do we lay the foundations for recovery now? How do we see through the fog of turmoil, to ready ourselves for a strategic recovery?


Supporting great leaders

At The Being Group, we can help you address these three powerful themes.

We offer:
• Webinars
• Interactive team development sessions by videoconferences
• Bespoke video messages
• Bespoke online development through innovative e-learning modules for leaders and their people.

Who are we?

For three decades now, we have been specialists in the challenges of leadership. We have advised leaders at all levels through political and economic turmoil, the ravage of war, overwhelming personal crises and the aftermath of disruptive change. Together with our creative team, we bring you solutions for the moment, utilising the media of the moment.

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