Listen Up

How you sound is crucial. While people tend to want a video that looks good, good audio quality is just as important.

Audio is often the unsung hero of video (no pun intended). Here are a few tips to consider when you want your brand to sound its best.

Consider Quality

The quality of your communication has a huge impact on whether your audience is going to continue listening or not. In fact, split test studies involving high and poor-quality sound have shown a direct correlation between sounding good and increased credibility. If your sound isn’t clear, your message will go in one ear — and out the other. To enhance the quality of your audio, it’s worth investing in good recording software.

Take Control

Before you even begin recording, you need to make sure your surroundings have external noise minimised. We can all relate to how distracting the buzzing of a mosquito can be when you’re trying to focus. From construction sounds and overhead planes to footsteps and distant voices, the last thing you want is unwanted ambient noise creeping into your production. Record in a space that will minimise echo, like a quiet, carpeted room. If you’re out and about on set, use a boom or lapel mic, and shoot between noisy distractions.

Be Creative

Film productions can create an immersive experience that transports you to another world. There are three audio elements that typically go into any production — dialogue, sound effects and music. However, they must all must sync perfectly with the action onscreen. Otherwise you risk dismantling the viewer’s suspension of disbelief. Ask yourself, what kind of mood are you trying to create? Is the music louder than the dialogue? How can a soundtrack or sound effects enhance the impact of your story?

Our digital world has concentrated the demand for impeccable audio. Whether you’re a videographer, interpreter, audio technician, podcaster, or content creator, audio is a crucial component of any communication platform.

If creative support sounds good to you, chat to one of our audio specialists.

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