Maintaining Morale

Working from home can make it difficult to feel the ‘team spirit’. Being separated from the people you’re usually around is definitely an adjustment – particularly in a collaborative role.

If you’re having a hard time maintaining morale, we’ve put together a few simple tips to try.

And no – our tips don’t involve you and your dog giving a live performance of Total Eclipse of the Heart on the next Zoom call. (We’d really prefer that you didn’t.)

Instagram Takeovers

This tried and tested method has been working for BEING. If your company has an Instagram account, encourage team members to share their experiences working from home. As well as providing an opportunity to celebrate individuality, inviting colleagues to document their day strengthens bonds.

Daily Briefings

Set aside time to start each day as a team. Scheduled video calls keep everyone informed and provide a reminder of solidarity. Group discussion aids productivity and accountability, while seeing faces makes people feel less alone. You can even take the video call further with some after-work drinks – giving everyone a relaxed opportunity to catch up.

Weekly Playlists

If you work well to music, nominate a colleague to create a Spotify playlist. This will create a shared sense of atmosphere and connection, while revealing some pretty interesting stuff through song choices. And if your team is usually active, you could up the ante with a weekly workout schedule. (Something we won’t be doing.)

Whether maintaining morale looks like a group WhatsApp chat or a virtual background challenge, there’s a lot of small, simple stuff you can do to keep everyone feeling connected.

And if you need someone to talk to, your friends at BEING are an email away.

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