Starting with Marketing

Great marketing has a domino effect. Once you begin to engage with your audience, you form the bedrock of your business.

Creating the right marketing strategy will provide the foundations for your business to thrive. Here’s how you can use it to build your business.

Build your brand

An effective marketing strategy takes your business from completely unknown, to familiar, to well-known, to trusted. The way you approach marketing goes a long way to shaping your reputation — whether it’s consistent and professional, endorsed by influencers and ambassadors, or loud and outgoing.

Build your success

A marketing strategy allows you clearly define whether your business is following the right trajectory, using metrics. Knowing your average order value, cost per acquisition, cost per enquiry, or annual customer value is a good starting point. This helps you determine what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to focus your attention on the strategies that are performing well.

Build your engagement

With so many people browsing the internet every day, marketing your business using the right combination of tools is vital. Getting in front of your target audience via marketing channels like email campaigns, newsletters, videos, social media posts, print marketing and advertising is a good place to start. The art is in striking the right balance and knowing where to put your money.

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