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Though tracking data sounds technical, it’s really just the facts and figures your business collects over time. And these facts and figures hold some serious weight.

Data forms the basis for all reporting and can be used to measure a wide range of internal and external business activities. But data also has the power to spark creativity – helping you create more inventive, engaging content.

So start strong in the new year by tracking data correctly.


Upfront Data

When planning your initial approach – be it a rebrand, marketing campaign or social media strategy – do your research! Your industry, audience, competitors and context will offer valuable insights to help you launch content from a considered perspective.



Trending Data

After collating your performance statistics in a report, you’ll begin to notice some trends. Maybe one product is more popular than another, or bookings come earlier in the week. Recognise the trends, then alter your strategy to accommodate them. If something isn’t performing well, cut it. If something is performing well, push it further.



Target Data

Whenever undertaking any sort of marketing activity, choose the right key performance indicator (KPI) to measure your goal. All businesses are different, so metrics that matter to one won’t necessarily relate to another. If your aim is to increase reservation numbers, forget the follower count. Just track the data that links directly to your objectives.



Ongoing Data

Because technology evolves at lightning speed, what worked six months ago may not work today. Don’t worry; it happens to everyone. Culture changes, interests shift, and people grow weary of repeat exposure to certain content. If this occurs, simply fall back on your collated data. The numbers will tell you everything you need to know.

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