What Makes a Great Internship?

People looking to launch their careers are often in a challenging position; they can’t get a job without experience, and they can’t get experience without a job.

While some people may dismiss the concept, well-run internship programs can help people build their professional networks and receive valuable mentoring. And the benefits extend beyond just interns, to employers and employees.

Interns, take every opportunity

An internship is an official program offered by organisations to help train and provide work experience to students and recent graduates. They help people understand simple but important things about a professional environment. This includes what to wear, how to communicate, and how to meet expectations. Even the mysterious rules of the work kitchen can be a learning experience.

Internships can go a long way towards achieving an end goal. For example, they may lead to a permanent position, or enhance a CV that then impresses another employer. Ultimately, any experience that provides skills for your future career is an excellent addition to a resume.

Internships also provide an opportunity to test if your chosen field aligns with expectations. You might have loved training as a graphic designer, then learn you’re put off by strict brand parameters. Or you might think it’s the best thing you’ve ever done, and realise you’re on your dream career path.

Employers and employees, offer a hand up

When we’re in a position of power or privilege, we should be able to pay it forward. It’s likely we’ve all received a “hand up” from someone else at some point to get where we are now. That hand up could be exactly what someone else needs.

Internship programs offer significant benefits to employers looking for bright talent. With new people come new perspectives — bringing valuable creativity, innovation and thinking to the table.

Internship programs also promote loyalty. Research shows former interns — even those who go on to work for other companies — stay longer at the company than employees who have never had an internship.

Benefits extend to employees as well, with interns typically taking on everyday tasks as they learn the business, and freeing up colleagues to concentrate on more involved projects. Internships can also help foster leadership skills in current employees as they step into mentoring or supervising roles.

If your business has the resources, consider offering a paid internship. The Fair Work Ombudsman has greater guidance on work experience and internships.

Being an intern

“Some of our most brilliant Beings started their careers here as paid interns,” says The Being Group’s Principal, Kerry Neethling. “Every intern we’ve had has either ended up working in the business, or found similar work in another organisation through the experience they’ve gained. It’s a joy to see.”

To name a few: Sophie worked as a copywriting intern for seven months, before taking on a permanent role as Relationship Manager. Videographer Ben landed a job on our visual media team after impressing us with dedication and enthusiasm in his five-month internship. Caera, a designer, completed a one-month internship before becoming full-time during lockdown. And our Digital Assistant Nina was so impressive, she was offered a permanent role after just one week.

Following a two-month internship earlier this year, our Marketing Assistant Ceyda was offered another role at the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue (WSLD).

“It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made,” says Ceyda. “I would never have been offered the opportunity if I wasn’t working at The Being Group. And that job came directly from my internship. I’ll be forever grateful and will always have strong links with BEING.”

“We’re delighted for Ceyda. The most important thing is seeing a person be able to follow their dreams. We knew Ceyda was passionate about the WSLD and it’s a great result for her. And if she ever needs an agency, we know it’ll be The Being Group,” says Kerry.

Great internship programs can be a win for everyone — unlocking the door to a professional future.

Sometimes all you need in life is a hand up. So, if you think you’ve got something special to learn from BEING, get in touch.

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