Top 5 Benefits of WordPress


It’s free. Popular. Incredibly useful. But what exactly makes it so great?

It’s Free

We just had to say it louder for the people at the back. This opensource Content Management System (CMS) bears no upfront costs. I know what you might be thinking: free = dodgy. However, WordPress is highly reputable, and is the preferred platform for over 15 million websites currently on the Internet.

The fact that WordPress is free significantly reduces the cost for website development compared to custom-built sites where CMS development is required.

‘Hang on…I thought you said it was free?’

Like most things, having a professional manage the project for you will yield, you guessed it, professional results. Paying a website developer for their time to build your beautiful new website using WordPress will ensure you don’t end up with your contact form redirecting users to a different website.

Another cost-saving WordPress benefit is that it allows owners, (A.K.A you), to manage content with no ongoing third-party development. So there’s no need to pay someone again to update a bit of copy or add a new image.

It Supports Plugins

There are an enormous amount of free and paid plugins for WordPress that can make your website even more unique, easy to use and up-to-date. With the right plugin, you can transform your WordPress website into almost anything – from a blog to an eCommerce website to an artist portfolio – WordPress is your oyster.

With plugins, functionalities like contact forms, shopping carts, subscription forms, online chat and client portals can be added to your website as required. If you’re unsure how to install a plugin or even which type of plugin to use, this is where a developer can step in with some useful advice or even install them for you.

But, beware…Ensure you choose reputable plugins that run a low risk of back-door cyber-attacks. Keep informed about which plugins are safe and which ones are best avoided altogether.

It has Tonnes of Premium Themes

Upgrading your WordPress membership gives you access to over 24,000 premium themes, to make your website uniquely you. Themes significantly reduce design costs and also time, allowing you to have a slick looking website live in no time at all.

Anyone Who’s Anyone is a WordPress Developer

Well, not anyone. But the WordPress community reigns far and wide – you will be able to find a WordPress developer around almost every corner. That means there’s always a helping hand to guide you in the development of your new website.

It Always has the Latest and Greatest

The WordPress platform is evolving all the time. Regular updates, features and fixes ensure you and your visitors’ experience is as smooth as possible.

Next time you’re thinking about building a new website, give WordPress a try. Our web developers are WordPress experts and can help you in the development of your next website.

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