Being Cultured

If you asked us to identify our best assets, there are a few options we could give you.

Our talent.
Our services.
Our humour. Our experience. Our collective love of dessert.

But if we had to isolate our most valuable strength – the one we take greatest pride in – then there’s only one answer that’s appropriate.

Our positive workplace culture.

Being Positive

At Being, we know it’s integral to see employees as more than numbers. As a team, we celebrate the big wins and the small victories alike, and are there for each other when things aren’t that great. We share GIFs and group selfies in the Facebook chat.

Some of us bake. Some of us buy packaged doughnuts and say we baked them. (Sharing dessert isn’t actually a workplace requirement, but it sure does seem to be popping up a lot.)

But in mentioning all the good stuff, it’s crucial to note that our culture wasn’t born from chance. The desirable workplace culture we know and love today is a by-product of our founder’s conscious decision to establish the kind of office environment people would genuinely want to work in.

Employers and business owners often view development of a positive workplace culture as time consuming and secondary. Though we can’t deny it requires a genuine degree of investment in staff, doing so plays a pivotal role in binding people to an organisation, achieving work of the highest calibre, and boosting overall attitude and contentment.

And the collective influence of a good work environment extends beyond improved productivity and deliverable outcomes. It also has the power to shape your business into an extremely desirable one, organically positioning you as an employer of choice.


Being Authentic

Really great employers, like really great brands, are always authentic in their intentions.

By creating an outward-facing brand – that is, a company that recognises productivity is maximised by transparency, collaboration, and a willingness to share information and resources – you also establish a workplace culture that is upfront in its intentions. Outward-facing brands can be applied to businesses of any size, and should genuinely reflect the founder’s values and natural style of communication.

Personal confidentiality aside, we don’t tend to keep things from one another. This doesn’t mean that our team is obliged to share everything – only that we feel comfortable doing so. After all, we’re humans working with humans.

Similarly, we encourage the development of our staff’s skills, competencies and processes, as a means to embolden and expand their potential. Supporting individuals in their respective ambitions is never a chore, as passion and knowledge are both valuable assets for personal development and the workplace, and should be nurtured upon request.

Crediting your team in the growth and success of your business is also incredibly important to being genuine. Celebrating their role in your shared journey goes a long way towards demonstrating respect and appreciation for their commitment. After all, these are the people that agreed to help build your dream. Demonstrate your gratitude to them, and mutual respect will follow.

If you learn one lesson from us, make it that authenticity should never be engaged as a gimmick or a temporary welcome. When we support the wins and losses of our staff, it stems from a genuine place, because our team genuinely matters to us. Engaging ‘authenticity’ as a hidden ploy to achieve an ulterior motive radically defeats its purpose. If you’re not being real, you’re not doing real well.

Honesty is a key component of all successful working relationships, be they between team members, or client and creative. When you’ve got that, you’re onto something truly special.

Being Serious

Our work is founded on the ideology of helping businesses achieve their maximum potential, so naturally we take our clients’ brands as seriously as we take our own.

Though our approach to work is unbelievably fun, enjoying our environment doesn’t equate to slacking off. An unwavering expectation of hard work is demanded from all staff, and this is something we deliver because of our workplace culture, not in spite of it.

As a collaborative team of creatives, we’re all motivated by a desire to do well, push our boundaries and produce exceptional outcomes. The open, encouraging atmosphere we work in invites us to bounce ideas around without fear of negative criticism – stimulating innovative concepts inspired by multiple perspectives.

Our enthusiastic workplace culture may in fact be the key to our market appeal. A sincere passion for supporting brand growth is ingrained at the heart of who we are and what we do – and that’s something clients can always tell.

When selecting the staff behind your brand, it’s essential to find people cohesive with your culture. This philosophy doesn’t mean employing a group of clones – it means assessing the skills and personality of the candidate to determine their compatibility with the team. The key to achieving balance is as simple as picking people who know when to be serious – and when to lighten up.

Being Good

When faced with sudden growth, it becomes easy for organisations to slip into mechanical routines, or to implement hidden psychologies – and this is something you must deliberately guard against. Whether your staff are young and inexperienced or have spent years in the industry, it’s your responsibility as an employer to set (or raise) the cultural benchmark.

In our honest opinion, no employee should ever be expected to settle for less than a supportive, encouraging workplace. Demonstration of a healthy, positive culture empowers your team with the knowledge they have the right to expect more in future positions, should they ever choose to move on.

Being Fun

It’s far more rewarding to make ‘good’ choices as an employer, so why shouldn’t you? You’ll be inspired knowing your workplace makes a difference beyond profitability – and your team will be all the better for it. Take chances with your culture! Don’t be afraid to be daring.

Maintain fun in innovative ways.

Encourage staff interests.

Laugh often.

And treat them as the people they are.

We specialise in having fun! If you’re yet to guess why, it’s because we take business seriously.

No company is ever too big or too small to have a great culture. Ultimately, business is really just a bunch of people dealing with another bunch of people. We figure it’s best to be nice about it.

If you’re business values working with service providers who embody positive workplace culture strategy, you’ve stumbled across the right beings! Meet the team! 

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