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We’re The Being Group – a strategy and creative services company offering end-to-end e-learning development.

We’re an integrated group of learning, communication and web development specialists and creatives. Our specialist e-learning services are shaped by behavioural science, behavioural economics, neuroscience, learning theory, strategic design and inspirational creativity.


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Our e-learning solutions are created by specialists, developed
end-to-end in-house, and have proven, transformative impact.


We offer:

  • Bespoke e-learning course development

  • Learning design

  • Technical e-learning module development

  • Custom Learning Management Systems development

  • Module design within existing Learning Management Systems

  • Educational video production for use within modules

  • Module graphic design

  • Course delivery and training

  • Leadership and development programs

  • Training programs (including virtual)

  • Supporting learning materials development

Our process

We are experts in e-learning. We have a full-time, co-located team of specialists and creatives that work together to create outstanding e-learning modules and programs. We follow a highly creative and innovative process that is structured to create the best possible content.


Start with strategy

We approach every e-learning challenge strategically. What are we trying to achieve? Why are we doing this? What would change if the e-learning is effective? How does it fit in with other initiatives?

During this early stage we talk to as many people as possible, asking the right questions to truly understand the objectives.

An education specialist leads this stage, and continues as project lead throughout the subsequent phases to ensure the final product achieves the original intent.

Educational and behavioural insights

Our specialists will explore the best ways to optimise learning and behaviour change. We view the topic from the perspective of the learner, and design a sound framework for the e-learning module or program. We often co-design this framework with subject matter experts and members of the target learner group.

By the end of this stage we have a framework that will form the basis for the creative process.


This process involves a multi-disciplinary team picked specifically for the project. The education specialist leads the team, which usually includes a graphic designer, visual media expert and copywriter, all working closely with the client and subject matter experts.

A storyboard is created, followed by a script and visual design style. This is where icons, infographics, font, colour palette, illustrations, animation style, video style and music are finalised.

Producing content

Our team of in-house creatives produce video content, voice-overs, animation, text copy – all the elements that make up the actual e-learning module. Sometimes we use video and other content provided by the client. Our in-house producer coordinates pre-production and production, and our editors finalise all elements ready for inclusion in the final module.

Creating the actual module

Our technical e-learning expert will use an appropriate authoring tool – compatible with the client’s LMS or systems – to bring together all the elements. We test, refine and finalise. We then support the client for a period post-launch to ensure the module is stable inside their system.

With our Strategy, Learning, Communication, Design and Web offering under one roof – your e-learning solution is in the right hands with BEING.

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