CUSP is an innovative learning program that brings together high-performing personnel from Defence with relevant industry partners.

It comprises facilitated sessions that offer learning opportunities for both cohorts, to promote understanding between parties and advance collaborative practices.


Knowing The Being Group’s abilities in administration, education, facilitation and program direction, Defence requested a program that would develop the skills and capabilities of participants, promote understanding between Defence and contractors, and advance collaborative practices to the benefit of all parties.

Our aim was to make the program a career-enhancing experience for all involved.


CUSP stands for Collaboration, Understanding, Skills and Practices.

Our role was to:

  1. Manage the administration of the program, including all communication.
  2. Develop and disseminate a communications package of promotional material.
  3. Develop and deliver key educational content.
  4. Coordinate the recruitment of suitable subject matter experts.
  5. Produce and distribute workbooks for each module.
  6. Help Defence and industry partners select their topics and prepare for evaluation sessions.
  7. Provide personal developmental feedback on participant contributions.
  8. Facilitate each session to extract maximum educational value.
  9. Process evaluations and produce a report at the end of the program.

The program was designed and developed in consultation with representatives from Defence and ten industry partner organisations. The pilot program included a total of 36 participants.

Program commitment was required for seven consecutive weeks, with one session per week. The session format followed a three-part structure of a key theme and knowledge base, industry partner and Defence presentations, and analysis and reflection.

Senior leaders of participating organisations were invited to deliver educational presentations to the CUSP program on a variety of topics, including probity and procurement rules, the political and public service environment, the customer journey, innovation in a Defence environment, and the pricing of risk. Topics were intended to improve understanding between parties and promote holistic thinking across suppliers.

Following each industry partner presentation, syndicates from the CUSP participant group reported on their analysis of presentation content, mainly looking at personal applicability to their environment.


The brand identity and program resources were designed and developed by our internal design team. Collateral included physical workbooks and a slide deck.

The look and feel represents Defence’s national reach and is inclusive of all states and territories through the stylised hero map. Location tags are used to highlight different bases around Australia.

The dividing stroke in CUSP echoes a mathematical cusp — a point where a curve or moving point changes direction. Curves in the type are symbolic of forging a new path forward, in this instance through the program. The well-structured, minimal, condensed logo type showcases the program’s strength and organisation — a concept that is also represented in the blue image treatment and separating line devices.

The CUSP program was designed to benefit all participants and their organisations, both in the short-term on existing contracts, and into the future.

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