Across Australia and New Zealand, Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Clubs offers an all-inclusive luxury fitness and wellbeing experience.

Each Next Gen club provides the latest training equipment, boutique studio classes, competition-grade tennis courts, resort-style aquatic and spa facilities, members lounges, licensed cafés, a creche and classes for kids.

In a saturated market, Next Gen’s summer marketing campaign for 2023 needed to make the most of the crucial January subscription period and position the company as the premium health and lifestyle clubs in Australia and NZ.

To appeal to three audience segments, our marketing campaign captured the essence of the brand’s unique selling proposition.

Campaign Branding

Through the campaign tagline Find Your Power, people are encouraged to take control of their health and wellness journey and feel empowered to make the Next Gen experience theirs, thanks to the choice and flexibility of the clubs’ tailored approach.

Modular blocks are a core design device, acting as a mosaic of windows into the expansive choices of Next Gen clubs. Housing imagery, video and text, these squares create a sense of movement and customisation, representing the building blocks of a bespoke holistic wellness experience that empowers members. The modular device allows imagery and footage taken in different styles or of different locations to come together seamlessly as a cohesive campaign.

A series of supplementary taglines reference key pillars of the Next Gen offering, highlighting the experiential value and power of the clubs, and providing versatility in campaign executions across a variety of formats and channels. The core tagline is expanded into a call to action, adding a sense of timeliness and grounding the campaign in the summer period.

Cinema Ad

At the heart of the summer marketing campaign is a cinema ad which heroes the block design device and examines the concept of power.

A scripted voice over explores the way Next Gen empowers members to experience health, fitness and wellbeing, in whatever way makes them feel powerful. Messaging is designed to allow for creative use of a range of footage so that all demographics and target audiences feel seen and inspired to join Next Gen.

Modular windows stretch, slide and rearrange to create structure and space, shifting between a mosaic view and a focus on individual scenes to showcase different facilities and experiences, while typographic blocks move in and out of frame to highlight each subject.

In one scene, the ad links with the voice over as blocks reminiscent of a calendar slide in one by one to show the variety you can enjoy each day at Next Gen. A variety of aspirational footage and different angles are used to convey members’ emotions.

Viewers are inspired to make summer their own through the power of Next Gen.


The Find your power summer marketing campaign branding is rolled out across a range of traditional and digital collateral, including billboards, bus backs and shopalite panels, with the bold modular design capturing attention at a large-scale.

A range of social media templates featuring the versatile design elements allow Next Gen’s in-house team to expand and continue the campaign for all audiences across different locations, while ensuring ongoing consistency and application of the brand.

Digital Marketing

Video cutdowns for Instagram and Facebook, as well as carousel and static creative assets, and a suite of written captions come together in a social media marketing campaign that drives viewers to find their power with Next Gen.

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