The SAP Australian User Group (SAUG) is an independent, not-for-profit industry association that provides information, access and advocacy for SAP customers and professionals.

SAP now commands the forefront of software innovation and AI integration.

To help the company reflect its industry-leading position, BEING was commissioned to develop a comprehensive brand refresh, personality and suite of marketing collateral, ahead of the National SAP Summit.

Our brief was to transform SAUG’s image into a brand that would endure for years to come.


The brand refresh evolves the former SAUG brand identity by fragmenting previous visual language and reworking some of the elements. By adopting this gentle transitional approach, the brand remains familiar and recognisable.

Logo design is closely derived from the original logo. Tucking in edges and polishing the form sparks new energy for the brand. The circular graphic element is balanced by the geometric nature of the letterforms — evoking a sense of community, possibility, advancement, and adaptability.

The colour palette maintains a range of blues associated with the brand, but also introduces a supporting grey and a rich, vibrant gradient. The yellow in the gradient can be used as a subtle highlight for the brand — creating a pop of emphasis where needed. These colours inject brightness into the identity, while enhancing UX in the digital space by aiding navigation.

To accompany the refresh, a new, distinctive brand personality helps guide SAUG’s external communication. Driven by relatable and wise brand archetypes, the guide positions the company’s voice and tone as trusted and informed.


The website design applies new graphic assets which stem directly from the composition of the logo. The circle is applied diversely across the site as a ring, a full colour circle, a blurred colour circle, and even as a window for imagery. Icons complement key information by introducing soft rounded edges to mimic the circle.

Introducing brand values of clarity, balance and community, the website features plain language, minimal jargon, and a positive, conversational tone. While the industry is tech-centric, SAUG puts people first — communicating with candour and respect. Its three principles — direct, genuine, knowledgeable — enable everyone to feel welcome.


With the brand identity and brand personality completed, we constructed a suite of marketing collateral for SAUG’s appearance at the National SAP Summit. This involved transferring the brand scaffolding to develop a list of print and digital assets, under significant time constraints.

Marketing collateral provides a diverse mix of content that presents brand consistency across multiple applications. This includes a letterhead, PowerPoint template, registration forms, booth design, badges, pull-up banners, EDMs and social media.

The culmination of the work completed for SAUG facilitated a triumphant appearance at the National SAP Summit and fortified its position as Australia’s largest SAP community.

“A brand is the soul of a company. It embodies the identity that conveys our values and aspirations. BEING is an absolute brand master! We were so privileged to have our brand in the safe and creative hands of BEING. Throughout the entire rebranding process, BEING showcased its unmatched expertise and demonstrated a deep understanding of our brand essence.

It’s hard to express the level of our gratitude to this extraordinary partner who has played such an instrumental role in our recent rebranding journey. They took the time to listen, learn and fully understand our goals, enabling them to craft a brand personality that encapsulates our identity. From concept development to logo design, their team consistently delivered remarkable designs reflecting who SAUG are as an organisation.

Working with BEING was a true delight, where our voices were heard, valued and incorporated into the brand that you see today. We highly recommend them to any organisation seeking to embark on a transformative branding journey.”

Jen Barbour
Event Manager, SAP Australian User Group

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