BLC Cosmetics provides a range of premium cosmeceuticals aimed at adding value for partners.

Its high quality beauty brands are tailored to the unique goals and requirements of each company, and delivered with a genuine sense of passion.

With a diverse selection of products under its main umbrella, BLC required a sophisticated brand makeover to align its disparate companies.

That’s the beauty of rebranding.

Focusing on the company’s high quality products and service, BLC’s brand personality is balanced. Tone is personal, approachable and flexible, with brand voice remaining consistent from the page to in person.

Inspired by bold and beautiful women, the rebranded identity employs an interesting contradiction of strong and soft through a thick, lowercase wordmark. The supporting trio of pastels add a layer of femininity to the brand, without overwhelming the logo.

Imagery and applications are bright, airy and female-focused. Colour variations can be applied to different industries – i.e. cosmeceuticals, makeup, skincare – offering a level of flexibility and customisation reflective of BLC’s values.

Rebranding is no small job, and discovering The Being Group has been transformational for our business. They’ve been like an extension of our team and in a down-to-earth, really human way have been able to help connect the dots between our thoughts, ambitions and (sometimes crazy!) ideas and clearly articulate them into a clear and salient strategy. They’re invested in the process and the outcome, reliable and super-easy to work with. And they’re lots of fun!

Nikki Somerset
CEO, BLC Cosmetics

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