International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) celebrates some of our community’s most capable individuals.

This historic day shines a spotlight on people living with disability, breaking down barriers and giving them an opportunity to feel heard.


Adhering to the Department of Social Services (DSS) guidelines, we were given the opportunity to contribute to IDPwD by zooming in on the lives of seven ambassadors living with disability in Australia.

Faced with a very tight deadline, we delivered suite of brand ambassador videos in accordance with the values and aspirations that IDPwD symbolises.


We began by holding a virtual strategic video workshop with two representatives from DSS, which outlined the theme for the year as well as the visual style they wished to shoot in. After being provided with two visual style options, DSS chose a concept involving minimal overlays. This would concentrate attention on each person’s physicality and life journey, while allowing for a deep connection between them and the audience.

With inclusivity and accessibility front-of-mind, we collaborated on a production program which ensured the requirements of IDPwD ambassadors were met. This involved a content plan, production schedule, design concepts, style frames, and tailored interview questions.

Recognising the needs of ambassadors, we chose a studio with ramp access and accessible bathrooms, and ensured the environment was filled with respect.

Shooting in front of a white studio backdrop, ambassadors were positioned as the key focus of each video. The interview schedule was segmented into small sections, so that all questions were easy to respond to. Although we utilised a structured set of questions, we also focused on capturing each personality through natural conversation.

During the interview we asked questions related to everyone’s profession and passion, focusing on their abilities and not their disabilities. This showcased each ambassador’s expertise, spanning careers including author, actor, musician, film maker, athlete, community elder and advocate.

We also made sure to check ambassadors’ comfort throughout, to ensure everyone felt at ease the entire time, and scheduled ample break times tailored to each person’s requirements.

In order to make the filming process as smooth as possible, we utilised the latest in video technology, including the teleprompter EyeDirect Mark II. This device tracked the eye movement of talent and served those who didn’t have the strength or motor control to maintain eye contact with the camera. We also brought in assistive technology to ensure non-verbal ambassadors’ responses were communicated as intended.

The final outputs — a three-minute hero compilation, seven individual brand ambassador videos, and branded social media assets — reflect the spirit of inclusivity and celebration of IDPwD. All edits were supplied with and without captions, taking into consideration those with hearing impairments.

From start to finish, we felt extremely proud to be part of a production which centred around projecting the voices and accomplishments of people in our community living with disability.

“The team behind the International Day of People with Disability ambassador video shoot were keen to have a way for Braeden to be fully involved, and the film crew from The Being Group were simply amazing, making sure Braeden was included and felt comfortable. We chatted to the production team about Braeden and nothing seemed a problem. I made suggestions around how we might best work with Braeden and they were accommodating in every way. I immediately had the feeling we were in safe hands. I hope it shows Braeden’s joy and determination. He was so proud of being a part of the shoot and the guys from The Being Group are amazing. It was such a positive day for us all.”

Julie Jones
Ambassador, International Day of People with Disability

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