Belle Property Surry Hills and Potts Point comprises a team of dedicated real estate agents who are passionate about the city they work in.

The team desired headshots in Sydney locations, to showcase themselves in authentic settings that epitomise their professional environment.

Showcasing the authenticity and character of both the team and the city in which they specialise, photography had to walk the line between formality and candour.

Can you portray the spirit of a team and city through professional photography?

Capturing Belle Property’s dedication to Sydney’s property sector, photography made the most of quintessential backdrops like the Harbour and city skyline. To showcase the team’s individual character, more pared-back, casual settings like their local café were included in the location shots.

Moments of genuine laughter, setting up for a viewing and interacting with potential buyers successfully exhibits a glimpse of a day in the agents’ working lives.

The resulting suite of photographs are warm, fun and authentic yet with a professional look and feel. Belle Property Surry Hills and Potts Point can now communicate a bit more of the culture and spirit of their team through their visual supports.

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