Dinnerly is one of Australia’s most affordable meal kits.

Its goal is to make life easier for customers, by providing unbeatable value for weeknight dinners, and an easy, delicious and quality selection of recipes.


The main aim of the brand’s 2023 TVC campaign was to educate and entice customers across key audiences to trial Dinnerly.

Our campaign had to promote Dinnerly as the best option for affordable, easy, tasty dinners.


The campaign is heavily copy-driven, using a range of adverbs to build brand familiarity. As an extremely ownable concept for Dinnerly, repetition of the –ly theme will continue to strengthen audience awareness and help cement Dinnerly as a household name.

All adverbs are made in 3D to strengthen campaign recognition, using the prominent Dinnerly purple. A custom 3D alphabet enables creatives in both the Australian and international Dinnerly teams to render their own messaging. The alignment of the 3D text is playful, fun and indicative of dynamic movement, without losing legibility.

The campaign uses the same colour palette as the brand’s global guidelines to ensure continuity across different markets and provide the global design team with as much flexibility as possible.

We also worked extensively with Dinnerly to develop a messaging matrix that will assist their team with rolling out the campaign across their various channels.


The TVC rhyme walks viewers through the customer experience from delivery to dinner. It covers the key USP of affordability, while touching on other major benefits like ease, taste, portion size and convenience.

Pre-production for the TVC was extensive, requiring location scouting, casting, hair and make-up, catering, and even sourcing of an external mobile kitchen for preparation of the hero recipes.

Thorough storyboarding was vital to anticipate the positioning of 3D text. Inspired by the hyper-quick cutting styles of Edgar Wright and Baz Luhrmann, action was matched to key messaging, ensuring all required shots were captured on the day.

To record the cooking process in Dinnerly’s trademark bird’s eye style, we used a Dana Dolly system to rig heavy production cameras overhead safely. This included remote lens and camera controls, with footage transmitted to a separate monitor on set, so stylists could check framing and the client could approve shots.

In addition to video, a photography wish list was supplied for the purposes of digital and print advertising. Required shots included meal preparation, eating and staged poses with negative space for use across campaign assets. Fitting this significant shot list into a single day of filming required strategic planning. Our visual media team would shoot a single scene, pause to capture still photography, then reset and move on.

After finalising the TVC edit with an internal guide track for pacing, we recorded professional voice over to guide the development of accompanying music. The final soundtrack is percussive and upbeat, supporting the rhythm of the rhyme.

“From the moment we met the team at BEING, we were inspired by their friendly, helpful and collaborative approach to our campaign brief. The Dinnerly LY campaign is a fun and entertaining platform for us to deliver our key brand messages in 2023 to our audiences. The strength of the copywriting was exceptional and a deciding factor in our decision making to proceed with this campaign.

Working with the team at BEING was really easy with lots of open communication. Like a swarm of bees, the team took on the project with expert precision. From thorough campaign proposals and step-by-step timing schedules to colourful casting wardrobes and unique sound design, everything was considered and thought of leading up to shoot day. Come shoot day, there were no surprises and we were able to capture all of the content (stills and video) we needed to produce our wonderful-ly TVC.

I would love to work with Bas, Emily, Josh and the rest of the team again, knowing that the process would be streamlined with amazing outputs!”

Kelly Rollo
Brand Manager, Dinnerly and Bezzie

“We’re really excited about our new Dinnerly campaign, working with our talented agency partner to highlight our brand’s unique offering and point of difference in a relatable and fun way. Solving our customers’ everyday problems is what we’re all about. During a busy time of year, it’s a great reminder that our brand is here to help make people’s lives better.”

Rolf Weber
CEO and Co-Founder Australia, Marley Spoon

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