Original Mattress Factory – AKA OMF – is Australia’s fastest growing mattress store.

With a range of top-quality products, the chain promises to deliver across the Big Five: height, foundation, comfort, style and availability.

Seeking to shed the stock look they’d long been associated with, OMF required a range of original video campaigns and marketing collateral to promote varied messages – including excellent service, extended guarantees and specialist training.

We wanted to get people saying O. M. F.

Digital Ads

Video campaigns explore different aspects of OMF’s extensive offering — promoting original deals, special offers and quality service.

You Can’t Ask That highlights OMF’s exceptional service, playing on the notion that there are no stupid questions. However banal or obscure your sleep needs may seem, there’s an ideal solution for you. All you have to do is ask.

The highly scripted nature of this piece relies on a strong cast of characters. To achieve the comedic effect the client sought, we sourced all talent, wardrobe and props, guided hair and makeup, and directed actors in their performances.

Final footage and promotional assets offer OMF scope to create an extended campaign, targeting character archetypes to varied audience interests – the dog lover, the style queen, the family unit. For OMF staff, nothing is too outrageous or difficult; ask anything you want.

Expanding OMF’s reach into the competitive younger market, 200-Night Guarantee centres on the company’s unique trial period. Utilising an engaging bird’s eye angle and quick cuts to show the passing of time, the video offers a cute snapshot into 200 nights of falling in love.

Seasonal styling integrates brand colours in an overt, yet appealing way through products, accessories and wardrobe. Taking the viewer on a trip from summer to winter, the campaign positions the bed as the heart of the home, where a lot of life happens.

Scripted on the OMF Big Five and an unmatched 200 hours of training, Meet The Experts introduces viewers to real employees. Capturing a blend of piece to camera footage and team members in action, this endearing, upbeat video compels with the takeaway: OMF is trained to perfect your sleep.

Print Ads

Evolving its identity to appear more competitive, OMF sought marketing and advertising solutions to mirror this change. Though billboards were to step up from previous promotional designs, maintaining the trademark humour behind the brand was crucial.

Using OMF’s brand colours, billboard design incorporates short-form copy to make a big statement. Bringing key messaging to the fore, value statements and sales promotions are intended to draw the eye – giving commuters a laugh along their way. A little cheeky and a little silly, marketing and advertising outputs play into OMF’s comic reputation.

Thanks so much guys! Everything came up really good!

Brett Pitt
Head of Retail and Marketing, Original Mattress Factory

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