Riedel Communications provides intercom systems and fibre-based network solutions to facilitate broadcasts and events globally.

To highlight the company’s history supporting big events with behind the scenes needs, we produced an engaging showcase video.

Riedel Communications has built a number of successful partnerships with leading conferences, corporations and events, including Vivid Sydney, David Jones and Hillsong. In providing an overarching solution for Hillsong’s conference communications needs, Riedel sought to promote its extended history with the organisation.

So, they approached us to produce it.

To exhibit the hidden operations of Riedel Communications, the project followed a two-stage approach – one-on-one interviews with staff and a live conference event. Capturing behind the scenes content, promotional footage documents set up of equipment and operations throughout the show. Images include four kilometres of fibre, over 45 MediorNet nodes and more than 200 intercom ports installed by Riedel.

Spotlighting intricate details of Riedel’s comprehensive technological support, interviews with key project staff are spliced with inspiring conference footage – producing a captivating showcase video of the company’s capabilities.

Blending into the crowd for onsite videography, candid shots capture Riedel’s storied expertise and ability to deliver a seamless experience to over 20,000 delegates.

Shout out to The Being Group for creating this video for us, showcasing what we do and how we do it!

Deidré Joubert
Marketing Manager: Asia Pacific, Riedel Communications

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