The Fair Work Commission is Australia’s workplace relations tribunal.

It helps Australians resolve issues at work, maintains a safety net of minimum employment conditions, and is the independent regulator of registered organisations.

The Being Group received a request from the Fair Work Commission to design and develop a bespoke Moodle learning management system (LMS) to host digital learning modules and materials. This system would see thousands of users access content, complete programs, track their progress, and receive digital certificates.

Our goal was to create a LMS that was easy to use, responsive across all devices and targeted to primary audiences, without the need for additional infrastructure.

Learning Management System

The LMS features a branded front-end with information and encouragement to explore content, as well as registration and course selection functionality. The LMS also houses the learning modules and includes certification. The back-end allows Fair Work Commission staff to easily manage content and access analytics, allowing tracking of completion rates, user experience and module efficacy.

To cater to different audience types, the LMS allows course modules to be accessible in four different ways.

  1. Fully accessible to all users, with or without a registered account on the online learning portal.
  2. Only accessible to users with a registered account.
  3. Accessible based on the completion of another prerequisite course in the portal.
  4. Only accessible to users who are invited to access the course.

To ease the management of various usernames and passwords, the LMS is also integrated with a single sign-on (SSO) authentication method. It combines a centralised user login and registration system that enable users to log in with the same set of credentials used for other Fair Work Commission applications.

The LMS generates user engagement through ongoing learning materials and a seamless navigation experience. With the ability to easily add and manage modules on the LMS, the Fair Work Commission can distribute registrations effectively, collect participant analytics and capture result metrics.

E-learning Modules

E-learning modules were created in collaboration with key stakeholders from the Fair Work Commission and strategists, copywriters, designers, videographers and web developers from The Being Group. Outlining the process of interest-based bargaining (IBB), modules feature a variety of content and interactive activities to encourage user engagement, including video interviews, animations, multiple choice questions and drag and drop scenarios.

To add depth to the modules and create opportunities for varied page designs, we expanded the brand colour palette. Instead of introducing new colours, the scheme builds on existing shades of blue, green and grey to ensure consistency across all Fair Work Commission touchpoints.

The look and feel of module slides aligns with the LMS portal design — promoting a friendly and accessible learning experience through dominant use of light colours.

A new, engaging iconography style is reflective of the Fair Work Commission brand, using line work, distinctive shapes and colour blocks to create dynamic motion graphics. The accompanying music style is bright and upbeat, subtly promoting a sense of encouragement for the user.

Module introduction slides feature a unique 3D effect that stands apart from flat imagery. Circles and line devices from the brand link modules to the Fair Work Commission with a clear visual tie.

Imagery and videos showcase relatable people engaging in constructive conversations across corporate and industrial settings. These locations highlight potential module users, allowing them to visualise themselves in learning scenarios.

To uplift interviews and make them more stimulating for viewers, key quotes are translated to animated quotation bubbles. In addition to highlighting key messages, this visual technique breaks up the locked talking head frame.

The learning management system and accompanying e-learning modules have proven a valuable tool for the Fair Work Commission in enhancing both the staff and end user experience.

View the Commission’s Online Learning Portal

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