App Boxer is an app design and development company that values high quality, user-centric strategies.

Inspiring people to innovate and execute their ideas, we helped the team establish a customer experience better aligned with this vision.


  • Rebrand
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Design and Build

App Boxer is run by a staff of energetic people with a passion for innovative technologies. Hoping to tailor established branding and communications to specific target markets (enterprise, startups, partners and investors) the company needed to reposition itself as more authentic and relevant.

It needed an identity that felt genuine.

Embracing App Boxer’s desire to embark on ‘better’ branding activities, the revised identity goes back to basics – refreshing the look and feel. A refined logo features a more organic typeface, complementing the slight adjustment to the original icon. Black and white imagery contrasts crisp blues, cementing a sleeker brand.

Fun, conversational copy becomes part of the user journey, initiating readers with the real personalities behind the business. Segmenting subjects by audience type, key messaging directly addresses visitor needs to generate engaged interest.

Functional website design is a reflection of the brand – stylish and pragmatic. Clean illustrations introduce dynamism through animation, subtly referencing the potential of partnering with the team. Simplifying the original navigation with easy to find content, streamlined design and informal copy offer the user an enhanced experience; one that feels authentically App Boxer.

Thank you to the B Team. Really, you’re the A Team!

Rowan Tombs
Head of Strategy, App Boxer

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