Aurify Constructions offers specialist project management and commercial construction services.

It supports a wide range of clients across both the public and private sectors, by connecting with people, constructing with quality, and creating with passion.

Tasked with a rebranding strategy, brand refresh and website redesign, Aurify required detailed analysis to accurately identify where and how its strengths could be showcased.

Translating to ‘turn to gold’, Aurify turned to us to reveal its human-centred approach as its point of difference.


Faced with the prospect of halved spending due to upcoming government elections, it was important to diversify Aurify’s client portfolio as soon as possible. We also identified changing interest rates and the resulting decline in the housing market as forcing contractors into the hotly contested commercial space which Aurify occupies.

We developed a 12-month marketing plan and strategic analysis to help announce Aurify to the private sector. These strategic documents formed the foundation for decision-making, and provided the rationale for the brand refresh, communications rollout and website.


Built on deep human connections, Aurify’s brand centres around what makes the company unique. Aurify’s key point of difference is its collaborative, empathetic and “people-centric” approach – unusual for the construction industry. To amplify this position, we created the tagline: Connect. Construct. Create.

The primary logo consists of the wordmark in green and the tagline in charcoal. These colours convey a sense of uniqueness when used in conjunction. Roc Grotesk’s bold lettering evokes multiple aspects of the company’s brand personality – straightforward, clever and confident. Structured and strikingly geometric in the wide font for headings and feature text, it is highly legible for technical documents.

Green features as the primary brand colour, with supporting shades and neutrals to create a balanced brand aesthetic. This colour spectrum allows Aurify stand out, as the palette isn’t represented by any competing brands. Tints can also be used when extended colour options are required for graphic application.


Geometric and minimalist, the iconography style utilises solid shapes and elements of the logo to create a bold look. In combination with the grid paper graphic often used in architectural designs, this makes for dramatic and eye-catching elements.


To bring Aurify’s strategic goals to life, we implemented a full-funnel marketing plan targeting specific and key audiences. Primary audiences included property managers, developers, investors and building owners, while secondary audiences spanned government (local and federal) and the Department of Defence.

This rollout occurred in four phases of awareness, education, conversion, and retention and advocacy, aligning marketing deliverables and key messaging with relevant calendar events and news.


Aligned with the brand refresh and strategic objectives, the website redesign evokes Aurify’s new identity as unlike other construction companies. Content is matter of fact, professional and inclusive – emphasising Aurify’s brand essence. Website design reflects precision and cutting-edge processes, in line with the geometric qualities of the revised brand identity.

The Being Group was a pleasure to work with. From the very beginning, they took the time to listen and understand our company’s needs and goals. They were always friendly, approachable and available to answer any questions and address any concerns we had. Their dedication and commitment to our project was evident throughout the entire process, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. We highly recommend The Being Group to anyone in need of a professional and reliable design agency.

Mitchell Sprague
Project Manager, Aurify Constructions

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