Classique Dance educates and encourages technically skilled artists.

Providing lessons in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap and acrobatics, the studio operates under the ethos there is always more to learn.

With branding and collateral reflective of the school’s establishment in the early 2000s, Classique wanted its rebrand to communicate the professionalism, qualifications and training behind the business.

How do you make dance school branding look serious and fun?


Aligned with the trends of professional dance companies, the simple workmark is crisp and classic. Contorting around imagery of dancers, the brand font blends into the concept of movement – becoming part of the dance itself.

Eager to embrace a distinctive phrase, taglines explore directions related to the studio’s teaching style; informed, engaging and fun. The selected tagline – Dance to Move – is representative of Classique’s main aim; to produce accomplished and passionate artists.

Like sporting clubs, dance schools are known by trademark ‘team’ colours. Tiffany-inspired turquoise, offset by black and grey, evolves the brand’s previously established cornflower blue – practically applying to stationery, collateral, shirts, jackets and garment bags.


To isolate the Classique website from a colourful, oversaturated local market, we compared common traits of professional company websites. Observing dynamic, full-page imagery, consistent colour usage, clear navigation and negative space as common industry features, design echoes leading dance organisations.

Movement is incorporated into the site in a number of ways, including an opening video to ‘set the stage’, image buttons that respond when hovered over, and elements that slide in while scrolling.


Programme design incorporates a key colour from the show, demonstrating application of the brand to related events and performances. Marketing collateral can be altered to suit thematic elements, becoming as playful or professional as needed.

Rebranding with The Being Group was a pleasure from start to finish. The entire process felt easy and effortless, with a quick, quality turnaround time. Instinctively understanding the direction I wanted to take the business in, they created a brand that exceeded my highest expectations. Excellent work, friendly service and a genuine desire to please positions BEING as a cut above the rest.

Kerrie Smith
Principal and Founder, Classique Dance

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