Community management company Quiip facilitates safe, productive and welcoming online spaces for Australia’s leading brands.

Seeking to improve corporate appeal and user experience, we conducted extensive research into opportunities for a brand overhaul.

Quiip is female-founded, a certified B Corp, and incredibly adaptive in new situations. In other words: it’s got good values, and it’s really good at what it does.

So how do you up your brand’s ante without losing established corporate clients?


Quiip sought to shed unnecessary clutter and improve user experience. With the brand already trusted by many leading corporates, aspiration wasn’t in reinventing the identity, but in giving it more; more friendliness, more professionalism, more appeal.

The key objective of Quiip’s user research was to understand initial brand impressions, clarity of mission, values and service offering, and rating of visual identity, layout and communication. To gain an insight into brand interpretation, we surveyed three key groups – senior executives, middle management and millennials.

Upon completion of the discovery phase, we identified clear next steps with Quiip to ensure alignment. Our goals were to refine the brand mission and values, ensure key messaging was concise and reflective of the service offering, create a visually dynamic identity that would translate well across the website and build a more accessible website, optimising user experience.


After identifying trends in the results of this survey, we realised a few things. People actually liked Quiip’s logo and colours; they just wanted to see them executed in a neater way.

Quiip’s signature ‘hand-scripted’ logo redesign presents a cleaner version of the original brand. Incorporating an iconic teal palette, the shade can be used alongside a stark, complementary scheme of black, white and grey.

Image is everything to Quiip, so it’s important to choose the right ones. The brand says yes to real women in non-conventional working environments, and no to staged stock imagery of men in suits mansplaining.


Streamlining Quiip’s website design and content to improve the user experience, the rebuild rectifies consumer-identified confusion around messaging through comprehensive copy editing and simple navigation.

As a trusted and respectable brand, the Quiip voice is engaging and accessible — speaking directly to the reader. Open and ready for questions, there’s room for a little wordplay, as long as the puns don’t end the conversation.

Emphasising the brand’s distinctive scheme, communications embed highly memorable, tailored brand elements throughout assets.

Working with BEING has been a fab experience. Not only did we receive a wonderful rebrand, we found a great partner in BEING and we know we have them in our corner to create more magic for us. They’re a skilled and lovely team who’ve delivered great results, with friendly and timely communication to match.

Alison Michalk
CEO, Quiip

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