Embracing a community ideology, The Boy & The Rose is a local institution in North Avoca.

Insightful photography and videography and warm website design help this small, epic business tell its story.

Situated in a secluded, beachside community, The Boy & The Rose sought to surpass geographical isolation with some genuine brand marketing.

Specifically, they chose to share their story through photography and videography, and a new website.

Video and Photography

Conducting a photo and video shoot on location, footage was captured on one of the café’s prime work days — giving viewers a genuine feel for the thriving energy of the restaurant. Adopting an agile approach during the shoot, we were nimble in catching authentic moments as they occurred, without interfering in business transactions.


Star menu items offer visitors an insight into the style and presentation of food — though it is the team photographs that truly characterise the café. Capturing the staff’s friendly vibe in solo and group shots, morning light lends a soft touch to approachable and casual portraits. Cool, spontaneous and honest, photography and videography tell an inviting tale overall.


WordPress website design brings The Boy & The Rose’s warm, welcoming culture to the fore. Increasing brand presence, the website connects the café with potential customers and employees through digital form functionalities. A seasonal menu can easily be uploaded, downloaded and updated as needed, providing prospective visitors with insight ahead of time.

Design for the WordPress website builds on branding derived from children’s picture book, The Little Prince. Hand illustrated roses, decorative typeface and crisp neutral tones highlight key information and photography in a beautiful and striking way.

Playing on casual conversation, website content is written to reflect the owner’s personal humour and the easy-going nature of the Central Coast – echoing the youth behind the brand. Cute calls to action, puns on the venue’s name and funny ‘employee of the month’ features invite visitors into the site, providing a feel for what it’s like to visit the café.

When we wanted to get our logos established for the café I thought, I know how it important it is to brand your company properly, so I spoke to BEING straight away and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. There was so much love that went into it, and everything that I’m about was captured in it. I’m so happy that we’ve gone with BEING, because they’ve helped us grow so much and The Boy & The Rose is so much of what it is today because of them.

Georgia Spencer
Owner, The Boy & The Rose

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