• Brand Architecture

    Present a clear and easily understood brand structure to the market, with support managing sub-brands, restructures and the introduction of new products and services. With fresh eyes, BEING can define your brand architecture, helping you solidify your story and gain clarity in the marketplace.

  • Brand Identity

    A brand should ignite all the senses, not only sight. Specialist brand designers will bring your ideas to life through logo design, colour and typography selection, illustration and animation styles, and other graphic elements. BEING will help you keep your brand design and expression consistent and true to its identity with style guides and ongoing support.

  • Brand Personality

    From finding the perfect company name to developing a personality, the way your brand sounds is just as important as the way it looks. We craft all aspects of your brand personality, including voice and tone, to help you communicate more effectively and consistently, and connect with your audience.

  • Brand Strategy

    Make the most of that beautiful brand with the right strategic moves for your business. Our experienced strategists are here to guide your brand evolution to reach your long-term goals and achieve real results. We facilitate brand strategy workshops and report on competitors, markets, opportunities and ways forward.

  • Brand Communications

    See your brand in practice with authentic, effective and engaging communications, including branded stationery, signage, business and marketing documents, promotional videos, and other print, digital and tactile collateral. With copywriters, designers, marketers and visual media experts on site, your brand communications are sure to connect with customers.

  • Brand Merchandise

    A company t-shirt that you actually want to wear, eco-friendly promotional materials, thoughtful gifts for your next corporate meeting — whatever your needs, we design and create high quality brand merchandise to share with pride.

Ready to create an unforgettable brand?