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  • Leadership
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  • Culture
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  • Performance
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Everyone at BEING is dedicated to your success. The relationships we aspire to build with you are based on integrity, insight and genuine added value.

For over 25 years, we have enjoyed the most gratifying success — working with leaders in the private and public sectors to solve complex problems and to face the challenges of leadership.

  • Leadership
    • How can I develop an effective leadership strategy to help us achieve our vision and deliver on our purpose?
    • How do I get the best out of the leaders we have?
    • How do we adapt to a more demanding leadership context?
    • How do I grow the leaders we will need in the future?
  • Culture
    • What is positive culture in my context? What is really important?
    • How can I be strategic about our culture?
    • What effective turn-around methods could I use for my problematic teams?
  • Collaboration
    • How can I generate true collaboration to unlock the potential of my people?
    • How do we distinguish when collaboration is effective, and when it is a drain on productivity?
    • How can I create broad-based, high-impact relationships among our leaders, teams and stakeholders to drive value?
  • Growth
    • How do I stimulate growth — whether in size, effectiveness or impact?
    • How do I grow while still maintaining core offerings?
    • How do I deal with the consequences of growth?
  • Strategy
    • How can I create long-term value by becoming more strategic?
    • How can I develop the right strategy for my team or organisation?
    • How can I ensure the strategy is implemented?
  • Change
    • How do I define the change we need to succeed?
    • What are the behavioural triggers that will help me formulate and promote successful change?
    • How do we ensure the change is transformational?
  • Performance
    • How can I better build resilience in my people, teams and organisation?
    • How can I help my people and teams perform better under a range of circumstances, not only during crises?
    • What are the capabilities and associated target operating model required to deliver on my strategy?

Our approach is fundamentally different. It is not formulaic. We have a range of tools and instruments to help reveal the best approach, but we don’t have pre-packaged solutions or agendas. Instead, it’s a highly iterative, innovative process conducted with you, and in your best long-term interest.

We empower; we don’t build dependence.

We have qualifications in science, commerce, marketing, communications, strategy, education, leadership, psychology and more.

We have hands-on leadership and practitioner experience in several sectors and industries. We are highly skilled in the techniques and practices of research, facilitation and behaviour change.

Through our integrated approach, we are constantly engaging in “crossover” thinking.

Our strategies and programmes are backed, in Sydney and in London, by impressive teams of in-house experts in analysis, design and communication. All our consultancy work benefits from great writing, cut-through communication, effective and persuasive design, and digital solutions to contemporary challenges.

From our clients


“The Being Group brought extensive experience to the development of Cenitex 1-3-5 Strategy that delivered a comprehensive, contemporary and implementable strategy. They delivered in very short time frames, high quality products.”

Frances Cawthra
Goodman Group

“The independent counsel you have provided to senior management has been of great assistance to not only developing them as managers, but also as people.”

David van Aanholt
CEO, Asia Pacific
APP Corporation

“Siebert’s measured and thoughtful approach to leadership has had a profound effect on my approach to managing a complex program of works. Siebert has managed to distil ideas and concepts I thought to be complex and convoluted, helping me effectively motivate, lead and connect with a large consultant team.”

Kriston Kearney
Senior Project Manager
Trinity Law

“The journey that Trinity Law has taken with you is, and will always be, part of our history and dare I say it, our DNA.”

Michael James


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