Being Consulting Client Map

Our consultants are specialists in the challenges of leadership.


  • Strategy

    Strategy is at the heart of absolutely everything we do for our clients. It informs all our work.

    And strategy consulting is one of our core services. We help organisations, companies, leaders, teams and individuals become more strategic — about their purpose, their business models, their culture, their people, their projects, their communication and their activities.

    • We facilitate strategic planning sessions.
    • We help organisations research and develop strategies.
    • We produce impactful strategy documents.
    • We help implement strategies through Target Operating Models (TOM), corporate plans and operational planning.
    • We build enduring strategic capability.


  • Culture

    We do not believe in having to choose between strategy and culture. You can be strategic about improving culture; and you have to include culture in your strategy to be effective.

    • We conduct culture audits and culture reviews.
    • We help organisations transform culture.
    • We develop specific culture and leadership strategies.
    • We conduct effective turn-around programs for problematic teams.


  • Change

    We inspire, initiate and embed change. Our approach is informed by extensive, practical experience in managing and leading change. We apply behaviour science, motivational processes and tools, insightful communication – and pragmatism – to design and support change programs that build, not break organisations and teams.

    • We research change.
    • We conduct meaningful change consultations.
    • We build the business case for change.
    • We develop change plans.
    • We empower leaders, teams and organisations to maintain change momentum.


  • Collaboration

    We improve collaboration. We build deep understanding of the need for purposeful collaboration. We dispel myths about when and how to collaborate. We build intrinsic motivation to share and benefit from the insights and capabilities of others.

    • We run collaboration workshops and programs for teams and groups of teams.
    • We improve collaborative behaviours and communication.
    • We build multidisciplinary team (MDT) approaches and methodologies in organisations.


  • Performance

    We enhance the performance of individuals and teams, and we improve project and program management approaches.

    • We analyse productivity behaviours and processes.
    • We conduct workshops and training sessions in personal and team productivity.
    • We translate KPIs and targets into sustainable habits and practices.
    • We build resilience in teams.


  • Growth

    We stimulate and sustain growth. We help organisations decide on growth approaches and strategies – from purposeful organic growth and diversification to mergers and acquisitions. Most importantly, we enable individuals and teams to benefit from growth and overcome its many cultural and performance pitfalls.

    • We research and analyse growth approaches.
    • We prepare organisations for growth through coaching, training and development.
    • We monitor and evaluate growth strategy implementation.


Want to be more strategic?