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All our work, strategic and creative, is ultimately about human beings.

We’re living proof that if you love the people you work with, and the environment you work in, you also love the work you create.

No matter how rigorous our analysis, our thinking and our solutions, we have always been a company of great people, who exist entirely for the benefit of wonderful beings.

Meet our team

Siebert plays five musical instruments. He used to busk for a living in London.

Siebert Neethling
CEO: The Being Group

Kerry sailed across the Atlantic on a 54ft catamaran at the age of eighteen. Her epic ocean crossing lasted three months.

Kerry Neethling
Principal and Co-Founder

Julia was rated amongst the Best 40 Academics Under 40 worldwide and has delivered a Ted Talk. She also speaks three languages — and so do her two children!

Prof. Julia Milner
Associate Director

Rory has spent years of his working life in countries other than his native England. This includes long stints in Kenya, Iraq and Papua New Guinea.

Rory Robertshaw
Associate Director

Josh’s nunna used to call him the Spanish Flea. He still finds it hard to sit still.

Josh Favaloro
Visual Media Director

Bas originates from Deutschland. Though he doesn’t drink beer or eat sauerkraut, he thinks German hip hop is the best – hands down.

Bas Storch
Creative Director

Karven speaks six languages. English, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Cantonese, and Spanish.

Karven Kwan
Head of Web

Emily begged her mother to enrol her in ballet at the age of two. She still takes three dance classes a week, and performs in musical theatre productions.

Emily Newberry
Copy Lead

Lily loves everything about being on a plane; the food, the movies, the limited leg room and even the turbulence! It’s all about the journey.

Lily Harrison
Digital Lead

Ian owns four guitars. He used to gig in the punk rock band Molly & The Krells.

Ian Knighton
Head: London Office

After living in six countries, Katie’s now working on two big life goals. Seeing all the Big Things of Australia and becoming president of a lawn bowls club.

Katie Wheatley
Principal Consultant

Sophie’s love language is cooking for people and making them coffee. Just don’t ask her to wash the dishes.

Sophie van den Bogaerde
Relationship Management Lead

Lachlan’s mum taught him how to sew as a child. However, a hot glue gun is now his go-to tool for costume creations.

Lachlan Rousell
Operations Manager

As a teenager, George used to dance onstage in the same pleated kilts worn by his Greek ancestors. Now his fingers do most of the dancing… over keyboards.

George Papakosmas
Copy Lead

Olivier started writing stories at the age of seven, on an old typewriter gifted to him by Santa, which he still uses for the occasional letter! All that writing paid off — he’s now the author of a few published books.

Olivier Vojetta
Principal Consultant

From her Finnish mum, Julia inherited the concept of sisu – determination, purpose and bravery. Julia’s sisu saw her follow her love of surfing and the ocean to Australia over a decade ago.

Julia Brun
Business Management Lead

James was the Australian National Cross Country Champion in high school. Three times.

James Neethling

Adam loves the Rocky movies so much, he’s travelled to Philly to run the iconic steps. Catch him working out, and he’ll be listening to the soundtrack.

Adam Tengku
Senior Web Developer

Leisha’s happy place is front row at a Green Day show. She’s seen them 28 times, in nine different countries.

Leisha Kapor
Senior Consultant

Ben has enjoyed playing video games since the age of six. He currently owns over 200 games.

Ben Pittorino

Steph has two cuddly fur babies she adores — a Staffy x German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. Though they’re 30 and 50 kilos respectively, they still act like lap dogs.

Steph Outteridge
Video Editor and Producer

Nina’s taken a dip in the Arctic Ocean’s -16°C waters. The irony? She hates the cold.

Nina Carraro
Digital and Marketing Strategist (on sabbatical)

Phil loves cooking, cuddling his cats and playing the guitar (badly), often all at the same time.

Phil Barker
Business Manager

Gen is a woman of many talents. In addition to being a skilled designer, she also enjoys studying psychology.

Gen Podstreshna
Digital Designer

Tim grew up on the beaches of Honolulu, swimming with sea turtles — which is locally believed to be a good omen. It’s all been downhill since.

Tim Meaco
Senior Designer

About 80% of Ella’s wardrobe is second-hand. She can’t resist walking by an op shop without popping in for a bargain.

Ella Patton
EA to the CEO

Aidan thought it wise to study Mandarin at high school and uni. That was, until he married into a family that only speaks Cantonese.

Aidan Mayrhofer
Senior Videographer

Lisseth’s favourite movie genres include psychological thrillers, emotional dramas and stop motion. She hopes to make her own claymation one day!

Lisseth Portillo Rodriguez

Justin never missed a single day of high school. So when it comes to perfect attendance, you can count on him.

Justin Rizzi Kelly

Victoria is a big DIY fan, believing in the power of doing things herself. So far, she’s mastered the art of hair, nails, decor, painting, cooking and household repairs!

Victoria Fabian
Relationship Manager

Alessio loves to create! During uni he developed and hosted a radio show, and he’s even worked with an Academy Award winning director.

Alessio De Nicola
Senior Videographer

It’s easier to predict the weather than Yutama. Not only is he impulsive, he eats like a lion — surprising everyone with how much he can devour.

Yutama Budiman
Full Stack Developer

Helena dreams of conquering Mount Everest. While she works on her fitness for the big climb, she’ll be skiing, going to concerts and eating Asian food.

Helena Nazarko
Marketing Assistant

Liesl loves working on her garden. Her fruits are growing better than her veggies, which is unfortunate because she can’t eat fructose.

Liesl Baldock
Business Manager

Tom is the eldest of triplets. Thankfully, they’re not identical, so we’ll always know it’s Tom in the office. 

Tom Aldrich
Animator/Motion Graphics Designer

Madeline makes her own pasta sauce under the alter ego Soss Boss. Perhaps even more impressive is her ability to impersonate Jennifer Coolidge.

Madeline Brunetti
Business Manager

Melina loves travelling and learning about new cultures. She speaks three languages fluently and is currently studying Spanish.

Melina Douziech
Marketing and Management Assistant

Claire’s time spent learning Japanese in Osaka, Japan, has seemingly had absolutely zero influence on her love of long walks listening to a good podcast. Or on her time hiking glaciers in Iceland, for that matter.

Claire Rowland
Marketing Consultant

Before embarking on a career in art and design, Bobby wanted to be an astrophysicist. He now explores the universe through sci-fi and fantasy films instead.

Bobby Bowyer

Hannah is known amongst friends for being competitive, but mostly with herself. Every year she sets a reading challenge that beats the year prior. This year’s goal is 75 books.

Hannah Finnigan-Walsh
Senior Copywriter

Ellie is very musically gifted, having grown up playing guitar, drums and piano. That talent seems to extend to dancing too — she once performed in a Disneyland parade!

Ellie Macaulay
Digital Assistant

As a teenager, Shannon won a national acrobatic gymnastics championship. She’s still passionate about fitness and sometimes runs 16 kms before work.

Shannon Fisher
Marketing Coordinator

Madeleine is a very active person, taking ocean swims all year round. She’s also a keen cyclist and once cycled through five countries in a day.

Madeleine Schelkshorn
Senior Designer

Grace is willing to do some pretty brave things for charity. Almost every Christmas she faces the cold and has a chilly sunrise swim in Ireland.

Grace Sullivan
Business Manager

Kelly began her artistic ceramic journey in January 2023, and loves sculpting bowls, mugs and plates. She hopes to develop her skills further and start creating bigger pieces.

Kelly Johnson
Relationship Manager

Shun grew up in northern Japan, where temperatures reach -20°C — so moving to warm, sunny Australia seemed like a great idea. How was he supposed to know Melbourne is cold and rainy most of the time?

Shunsuke Mori
Animator/Motion Graphics Designer

Marie never met a physical challenge she couldn’t overcome. She’s cycled from Paris to London, she’s climbed Kilimanjaro. Up next? Something oceanic.

Marie Margot
Senior Consultant
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