Becoming a Culture Champion

The workplace culture we experience flows down from our employers and managers, and from our relationships with colleagues and clients.

Culture is incredibly prominent in everything we do, and yet it can be hard to measure. It’s more than a mission statement. It’s more than a policy poster. Culture is a way of life. It’s the values, systems and attitudes a group of people share.

A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises morale, increases productivity, and enhances retention. But to fully reap the benefits, culture needs to be championed by everyone.

Here’s what you can you do to maintain a happy, healthy workplace culture.

Take time to appreciate the people around you

At the end of the day, we’re just people working with other people. We all have our own hopes, aspirations, skills and challenges. So while we’re employed to do certain jobs, it’s best to treat colleagues as the people they are, rather than cogs in a wheel.

Nobody’s telling you to become best friends. But ask questions. Be inquisitive and supportive. Acknowledge the little things that make them happy. These acts of altruism inevitably mount into a positive attitude that flows across the entire team. By bringing a human approach to work, everybody wins.

Celebrate big successes and small wins

Recognising and acknowledging the successes of peers is another great way to contribute to the development of a positive workplace culture. Congratulating others on achievements and milestones shows you recognise their important contributions to the broader team.

The ways you uplift others is only limited by your imagination. This could take the form of celebrating birthdays, highlighting work anniversaries, or commending someone on great work. And the best part is that this celebratory attitude tends to come back to you, like good karma.

Find your own personal way to contribute to culture

While it’s true company culture is collective, the only person within your direct control is you. A group of colleagues can share the same values but choose to express those values individually. And that’s OK!

For example, an extroverted person may enjoy an over-the-top celebration, while an introverted person may prefer to partake in something more low-key. Part of positive culture is understanding and respecting everyone’s unique differences.

We’re big believers in positive workplace culture.

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