What Makes a Good Brand Companion?

With Valentine’s Day at the heart of February each year, companionship is on our minds. Whether it be companionship found through romantic relationships, friendships or family, forming bonds is such an integral part of being. So, what makes a brand a good companion?

Like our favourite people, ‘companion’ brands become intertwined in our lives. We form relationships with them, because they offer something that keeps us coming back for more.

Speak the language of love

When building a brand relationship, it’s important to communicate in a way the heart knows best. Of course, there are the standard love languages like words of affirmation or physical touch, but when it comes to building companionship between brands and buyers in this age, a love language that truly speaks is… memes.

If you’re human, you probably have social media. Memes are a vital part of the social sphere, and brands who communicate using this love language tend to build strong, personal relationships with their consumers. Take Frank Body for example. Though it’s a natural skin care brand, what attracts patrons most are memes that speak on a personal level. They convey sense that Frank is one of us – relatable and real. Their memes make us want to know what they’re up to, and instil the confidence that they get us. Humour is the way to the heart.


Share an experience

Maison Margiela Replica Fragrances may come from Paris, but they’ve got a way of appealing to individuals around the world. Proclaimed to smell like memories, their products evoke moods, memories and places. Many people find affinity with the appealing scents – fragrances are reputed to make customers feel warm and at home, wherever the day takes them. Weaving storytelling into its brand is a deliberate effort by MMRF to forge connections with its clientele, and envelop them in the shared narrative of experience.


Bring out the best

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you – that’s what we always hear. So, why not the same with brands? Businesses that make us feel better about our lives and decisions are easy to establish lasting relationships with. Bondi’s Nimble Activewear is particularly good at instiling this confidence in its buyers, with branding revolves around imagery of the ideal healthy lifestyle: think pilates, sustainability and sunshine. Their groovy items are made of a polyester yarn from recycled plastic bottles (six bottles to a pair of leggings, two to a sports bra!) so by wearing Nimble, you’re helping the environment. A brand that inspires you to live better is the kind of brand you want as a companion.


Let’s get physical

Looks may not be everything, but the physical stuff counts. Roller’s Bakehouse – situated in Manly – knows how to use its assets to its advantage. The brand entices potential customers through a consistent font and colour palette, delicious looking pastry photography, and recognisable pop images. A tidy and consistent Instagram aesthetic keeps customers lining up at their door – and that demand’s been built on looks alone, before anyone’s even tasted the goods. Staying true to your brand across all platforms gives consumers a sample of the real you, tempting them to get to know your business better.

If you need help building brand relationships and finding companionship with patrons, we’re here to play matchmaker. We’ve helped a lot of brands find love.

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