What Design Says About You

Is your brand trusted and secure, or a bit of a renegade? Do your looks match your personality? Here’s your chance to find out what your brand’s design elements say about you.

You can trust me

Does your brand deal in high stakes? Due to the complex nature of the work, many businesses in the government, law and medical sectors must visually convey confidence and certainty to clients. With blues and greens considered ‘intellectual’ and ‘reassuring’ according to colour psychology, brands in these industries often engage soothing palettes. Other common design elements include modern fonts, clean layouts, and effective use of negative space.

I’m a rule breaker

Some brands – like bars, festivals and clubs – use design elements to shape an image that’s a little more daring. Bright colours, edgy graphics and unique fonts can help communicate a business that isn’t afraid to break the mould. You don’t use stand-out colours, type and icons if you don’t want to shout: ‘Look at me!’

So chic, darling

Design has the power to make a brand feel ultra-coveted. Minimalist layouts, simple fonts, monochrome schemes and restrained flourishes can be engaged to look effortlessly cool. These kinds of elements are often seen in beauty and fashion brands – attracting a mix of sophisticated and aspirational clientele.

Handy in a crisis

Plain backgrounds, neutral colours and simple icons are commonplace in design for service brands. Because everyone needs access to basic trades and amenities at some point, design is generally all-inclusive and accessible.

A ray of sunshine

Eye-catching colours, playful graphics and dynamic shapes are regularly used to appeal to children. (And their parents.) Because kids are so inquisitive and receptive, layered design elements and palettes are designed to engage little brains. Most of the time, more is more!

People people

Human-centric design is where many agencies, banks and insurance companies feel at home. These brands keep it simple, letting one or two key colours and a whole lot of imagery do the talking. Design elements focus on how the end-user feels, demonstrating how the brand fits into the broader scheme of the customer’s life.

So, found where you fit?

If your brand isn’t conveying the image it should, maybe it’s time for a makeover.

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