Making an Impact

As a company, we have a lot to be proud of; our culture, our collaboration, our love of cake. But we’re also incredibly proud of our clients.

In keeping with our fifth birthday, we’re reflecting on five brands we truly love supporting — brands that have made an impact.

1. Everyone Can Play

Focus: Inclusion

The state and national award-winning Everyone Can Play Guideline provides those who design, build, maintain and use playspaces with the tools to make them more inclusive. Developed in collaboration with advisory and advocacy stakeholders, suppliers, councils and government, the Guideline sets a benchmark for industry placemaking and planning.

How we helped: The Being Group had the privilege of providing a full suite of services for the initiative, including identity development, collaborative workshop facilitation, Guideline copywriting and design, photography and website design.

How it’s made an impact: In March 2020, $4 million of funding was allocated to 37 playspace projects, across 30 councils. By giving councils the tools to champion inclusive spaces, they’ve determined the best upgrades for the local community. Educating the people who manage and design playspaces ensures the lasting influence of the program for years to come.

2. Oticon Medical

Focus: Health

Oticon Medical creates innovative bone anchored hearing systems and cochlear implant solutions. Its new product, the Neuro 2, is the smallest behind the ear sound processor ever made in the industry.

How we helped: Our visual media team documented the Australian and New Zealand launch of the Neuro 2 sound processor in 2019, capturing the first amazing moments this technology was turned on.

How it’s made an impact: Discreet and elegant in design, the Neuro 2 has won multiple awards in bionics, devices, and equipment. But this project is more than its awards. Witnessing someone regain access to the magical world of sound is an unbeatable experience. In capturing users’ newfound happiness and hearing abilities, we were reminded how lucky we are to work with such life-changing companies.

3. Australian Ocean Energy Group

Focus: Sustainability

Australian Ocean Energy Group is an international, industry-led cluster. Striving to create markets for commercialisation of large-scale ocean energy, AOEG facilitates collaboration amongst technology developers, universities and institutions, academics and organisations.

How we helped: As AOEG’s nominated digital communication agency, we continue to support the cluster with industry communication copywriting and distribution. We’ve also developed a strategic communications plan, created the cluster’s educational video, and redesigned the website.

How it’s made an impact: Since AOEG’s launch in 2019, the cluster has achieved significant accomplishments for renewable energy, including connections with important, international industry bodies and visibility for our nation’s ocean energy sector. AOEG is now moving from a coordinating organisation to one that provides mechanisms to bring end users together. By connecting markets, suppliers and providers, it hopes to generate understanding of ocean energy’s value offering and prove commerciality for a more sustainable Australia.

4. TAFE NSW Women in Business

Focus: Education

The Minister for Women and the Minister for TAFE approached TAFE NSW with the concept for Women in Business: a free, online program to encourage, inspire and educate female entrepreneurs. The flexibility of the series means business owners can choose exactly when and what they want to learn.

How we helped: In the first phase of the Women in Business series, our videographers interviewed nine entrepreneurs, capturing content across a broad range of topics. As of September 2020, we’re in phase two of the project — working with a new range of inspiring business owners.

How it’s made an impact: As a free NSW government initiative, the program connects business owners with helpful resources, including dedicated launch and advisory services. The program enables women to learn from the experience of some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, empowering their capabilities in planning, cash flow, marketing, negotiation, mentorship, networking and more.

5. Parks for People

Focus: Community

In partnership with local communities and councils, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is rolling out Parks for People — a suite of new and improved parks across Greater Sydney.

How we helped: After naming the initiative in late 2019, we assisted with internal and external strategy clarification, communications copywriting and design, and the first phases of a three-part video series — set to document each park before, during and after development.

How it’s made an impact: $50 million is being dedicated to the initial phase of Parks for People, as part of the government’s desire to provide better green, quality open spaces, closer to homes. The program sets a benchmark for government and community planning, driven by the desire to create a collaborative, enduring legacy for each area.

During our five years as a company, we’ve worked with many brands that have made an impact.

View our complete folio of work here.

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