More Than a Logo

A brand is more than a logo, a colour or a font. It’s everything combined — a consistent, identifiable essence. If you feel your brand needs a redesign, your business might too.


Design is generally the first association that comes to mind when people hear ‘brand’. Brand design uses a bunch of things – logo variations, icons, staple fonts and colours, graphic elements, and image styles – to project an idea. You know people who choose to wear biker leather every day? That’s a branding choice. Same thing goes for people who wear beige cardigans. A brand identity is basically your sense of style.


Your brand’s voice defines the kind of language it will use. Colloquialisms are adopted by brands who make customers feel included and familiar, while ‘professional’ companies and service providers are stoic and dependable. Think about how you’d like to be spoken to; that will help you define your personality.


The place where ‘the magic happens’ has an impact on the character it projects. Beyond retail spaces, a brand can’t expect to achieve sunshine and rainbows in a dark, dingy space. Workplaces are an extension of a company and should correspond with that vibe.


Great customer service is integral to success, but for every brand it looks a little different. Confidential companies and products may treat customer service with the utmost discretion. Fashion labels may send a handwritten note with a purchase. Home buyers may receive a bottle of champagne from their agency. The way you treat people says something about your business – so make sure that’s a good thing.


Treating employees well cements a strong foundation for your brand. At The Being Group, this looks like personalised birthday celebrations and a lot of cake. But a good workplace culture can be as simple as showing people kindness and support. When you give others respect, you get better results.


Often, a brand’s big defining factor is what it gives back to the world. Some brands use ethical thinking and policies to deliver a meaningful service. Others get involved in charity work, and some share funny memes to to put a smile on faces. Whatever your higher calling, defining the purpose and contribution of your brand is a sure way to shape its backbone.

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