Protecting Your Business From COVID-19

2020 is shaping up to be a challenging year, and we’re only three months in. With experts predicting a hit to Australia’s economy, many businesses, big and small, will be feeling the impact.

Though it may seem as though there’s little to be done, companies can take a few small steps to protect themselves from COVID-19 – keeping business functioning as close to usual as possible.

Record a Video

Organisations, institutions and international corporations have big teams to manage. Because cancelled meetings can be hard, an informative leadership video is a handy solution to keep staff informed. It’s engaging, educational and unable to spread germs.

Sell Online

If you’ve been relying solely on in-store sales, now’s an ideal time to set up ecommerce functionalities on your website. (Silver lining!) Plus, ecommerce functionality will open you up to more business in the long run.

Work From Home

Though most teams are at their best in one communal environment, maintaining productivity off-site is the way many businesses are going during COVID-19. If you can work from home, maintain contact with your colleagues and keep projects in progress, working from home offers a better alternative to a total two-week shutdown.

Host Virtual Classes

Face-to-face businesses – particularly those in fitness and education – are having a tricky time with attendance. Temporary online classes are an effective way to fulfil client needs, ensuring education can continue to happen from the comfort of home.

Continue Spending

While pharmacies and toilet paper producers are going gangbusters, many companies are experiencing significant losses. If a performance you were looking forward to has been cancelled, consider donating your ticket in support of the arts. If there’s a local shop you’ve noticed isn’t doing so well, consider making a purchase. Where possible, try spending your money the way you normally would.

With many businesses affected by COVID-19 (us included), we genuinely want to do our part to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible for the next few months.

If you’re in need of some additional support, The Being Group is here to help.

Let’s get through this together.

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