The Power of Video

A picture paints a thousand words, so a video paints… a million? Whatever the number, we know it’s a lot.

Research has shown that 65% of the general population are visual learners, so making sure your content and business strategy reflects this is vital.

Here are the reasons why video can make all the difference for your brand.

It beats reading

The vast majority of people prefer watching a video over reading something static. In a digital landscape flooded with content, videos and animations are able to transmit more data than other mediums. While we recommend using both text and video and animation in tandem, it’s clear which consumers prefer.

It makes complex ideas simple

Videos are much better at being able to convey complicated ideas or products when compared to text. People can process visual content 60,000 times faster than text, and even faster if the image is moving. If your message is quite technical, video is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

It gets to the point

Life’s short and very busy. People don’t want to read lengthy product descriptions or walls of text. Animations, explainers and video ads should be a critical part of your marketing efforts if your goal is to convert. In fact, 64% of people are more likely to complete an action — whether that’s fill out a contact form or make a purchase — once they’ve watched a video.

Is it time to say action?

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