Sydney Water’s vision is profoundly simple – creating a better life with world-class water services.

Supplying water, wastewater, recycled water and storm water services to over five million residents across Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains, the organisation delivers the essential utility that keeps our city flowing.

With over 2,470 employees involved in the management and infrastructure of water supply to a city with an ever-growing population, Sydney Water must remain responsive and adaptable. External influences must be met with strategic internal change, for the continuous effective management of a life-sustaining resource.

A strategy to guide positive change within Sydney Water is a strategy that serves a higher cause.

The Being Group responded to Sydney Water’s call for support with an internal evolution to better serve the city. In-depth workplace behaviour analysis and extensive supplementary research formulated the framework for guiding change within the organisation.

Strategic methodology was carried out in the following steps: a desk study, in-depth interviews, focus groups and accompanying research. The combined output of each stage of the study was an extensive volume of information. From this information, The Being Group determined response patterns and designed the comprehensive findings report into a clear, digestible document to effect organisational change.

Colours and graphics were used to create aesthetic interest in the designed document, with cleverly formatted charts, keys and images helping to afford memory recall and map information hierarchy. Sydney Water’s Chairman of the Board, Bruce Morgan, was thankful for ‘an insightful study’. Our collaboration with Sydney Water on a fitting and actionable strategy document not only contributes to organisational change, but also to the greater good of Sydney.

I am very pleased with the work completed. Thank you as always for your professionalism, subtlety and transparency in delivering the information and findings.

Christina Cummins
Head of People and Change, Sydney Water

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