Determining bespoke solutions based on client needs and budget, An Interior Thing offers personal, approachable and affordable interior design services.

Seeking to convey a sense of style and luxury, brand identity design is chic, yet friendly.

In launching her interior design business, our client requested a brand identity that would convey a luxurious service, coupled with a homely, laid-back approach.

But where do you draw the line between classy and casual?

Proposing three varied naming directions – whimsical, signature and sophisticated – concepts explore a sense of home and the feelings associated with it. Opting for something colloquial, naming ties effortlessly into copy, giving the impression beautiful design is nothing but An Interior Thing.

Design conveys a personal touch through handwritten calligraphy, engaging the logo as an autograph of sorts. Communicating the determination and focus behind all services, bold strokes emphasise strong, one-on-one client relationships.

Cool tones convey a sense of grandeur without overwhelming the brand, engaging negative space to draw attention to key details. Simple, elegant and timeless, the brand identity conveys a love for minimalism, beautiful home design and functional spaces.

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