FroPro is the leading provider of nutritious comfort food in Australia.

Its healthy, high-protein frozen pizzas, pockets, burritos and fried chicken deliver convenience and flavour, without compromising on health — so everyone can enjoy FroPro every day.


With the release of a new savoury line imminent — FroPro Fried Chicken (FPFC) — the business saw an opportunity to analyse branding and elevate it in time for the product launch.

Our aim was to leverage and modernise FroPro’s existing elements, so the brand refresh remained recognisable, while matching the quality of its meals.

To commence the project, we conducted a full analysis of existing brand communications, noting areas for improvement. This included diet-oriented messaging, clashing pink and blue, many different shapes and graphic elements, and highly stylised photography.

We then held a two-hour brand strategy workshop to discuss findings and potential opportunities. During this process, one key theme became prominent; FroPro provides comfort food that supports your mind, body and lifestyle.

This formed the strategic basis for revised brand language and visual components — moving the identity away from diets and cheat meals, to refocus positioning on establishing healthier relationships with food through a nutritious, delicious range.

The revised brand personality is inclusive, honest, confident and down-to-earth. Speaking without judgement or criticism it advocates the belief that food shouldn’t be attached to shame or stigma. FroPro is made to be enjoyed.

Pink is retained as the core FroPro colour, while the original blue is referenced in photography through sky blue and light blue backgrounds. Warm grey is formally included for use in digital applications, creating a more cohesive and streamlined palette.


Typography is evolved in an altered form, replacing Gotham with Aeonik — adding authority and recognition. Slightly more condensed and contemporary, differences in all caps and sentence case create a clear hierarchy between headings and body text.

The identity features a new device that is reminiscent of a nutrient table — something many health-conscious people look at in the supermarket. Although represented in a subtle way, this subliminal design strengthens the products’ core focus on nourishment. The pre-existing bar device is also built out, to be used as a communication tool to highlight key messages.

To modernise the brand’s imagery and appeal to different audiences, four pillars of photography blend different image styles and influences. The ingredients pillar highlights the nutritious, high-quality and natural nature of FroPro’s products. The packaging pillar shows the packaged product in its natural, ordinary environment. The product pillar depicts authentic but appealing plated product imagery. And the people pillar conveys personal interactions with the prepared product in casual, comfort situations, and lifestyle shots of exercise.

The effect of this photography is organic and fun. It allows potential consumers to visualise the brand as part of their lifestyle, showcasing fresh ingredients to suggest nutrition and underline FroPro’s UVP. This mix of image styles introduces diversity to the brand without hindering its established recognition, and aligns well with varied influencer marketing and user-generated content.

The brand refresh mixes visual devices to create unique, playful narratives based on the customer journey and experience. Promoting health, savings, flavour and variety through design and messaging, the retail brand refresh presents a bold but recognisable identity system for FroPro to adopt.

We thoroughly enjoyed the process of our brand refresh with The Being Group. From the beginning, they were receptive to our vision and collaborated closely with us to create FroPro’s new look and voice.

The whole team was lovely to work with and we felt supported and welcomed throughout the process. It was very important to me that I could be involved in each step of the process and they were great at doing that. The team was quick to take on our feedback, recommendations and make adjustments. The whole process felt very collaborative, while still being guided by experts.

We are very happy with the final outcome and think they balanced the new brand look while keeping the core, well-recognised aspects of FroPro that we loved.

Jess Greene
National Marketing and Brand Manager, FroPro

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