Australian construction titan Probuild transforms ideas into cities.

With a prestigious reputation to uphold, we’re entrusted to provide cutting-edge design and technical writing services.


  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Tender Design
  • Print Management
  • Brand Collateral

As many tenders arise with tight submission deadlines, Probuild often requires high quality design and copywriting support at short notice.

Then it’s up to us to deliver exactly what the tenderer wants.

Progressive tender designs further Probuild’s image as an industry trailblazer. Delivering thoughtful projects tailored to considerations of tender briefs and deliverables within quick timeframes, submission collateral is skilfully managed from conception to print.

Providing ongoing technical writing for Probuild’s internal CVs and industry award submissions, we ensure consistency across format, grammar and content while identifying and promoting the best assets of staff. As many employees have limited literacy skills, speak English as a second language or are simply time poor, we often conduct additional online research and arrange telephonic interviews for more information on specific developments.

Contributing to a greater success rate of tender wins overall, submission support has aided Probuild in promoting its image as a pioneering industry leader.

There’s no other agency like BEING. Their responsiveness, customer service and quality of work are beyond compare. From cutting-edge tender design to wonderful wordsmithing of our CVs, BEING genuinely understands how to push our brand guidelines to their potential.

Annette Cameron
NSW Submissions and Marketing Manager, Probuild

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