In 2015, a comprehensive change program was initiated by the ATO.

Reinvention: The Story of Transformative Change at the ATO details the significant change process the ATO has undergone.

Initial associations with the ATO coincided with the beginning of the reinvention program. During this time, The Being Group contributed to initiatives, including the development of the leadership strategy, evaluation of the culture strategy, and facilitation of several strategy sessions.

As such, the ATO commissioned The Being Group’s CEO to write and manage book publishing on this topic, with editing and design by our creative team.


The manuscript was developed throughout 2020 and 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been written in this context. Specifically, it addresses how the changes that came into effect in the years prior have been favourable in the management and response to the pandemic.

To create the book, we conducted focused consultation with key stakeholders for clarification, and initial research to define the proposed structure, tone and format.

An intensive research phase included a desk study of relevant legacy and current documents available as well as extensive interviews.

We then prepared a detailed content outline and a complete, polished first draft. The current manuscript is at a near-final stage and will be ready for publication soon.


Upon publishing, Reinvention will be used by ATO executives to demonstrate the achievements and significance of the reinvention program. Staff will be able to use the text to better understand the change journey, why it was needed, and how it was accomplished.

Members of the business and government community will also reference this text as a resource on how to manage large-scale change projects in big organisations.

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