The Capricorn Coast Homemaker Centre is the first of its kind for Queensland’s Livingstone Shire region.

Designed with the capacity to develop a range of large-format retail premises, the master-planned estate is equipped to accommodate current and future needs of the projected population.

In collaboration with national property developer Gibb Group, we were tasked to produce bold, bright centre branding that would also encapsulate Yeppoon’s iconic coastal assets.

How do you make a homemaker centre feel tropical?

Linking to Yeppoon’s status as the pineapple capital of Australia, the wordmark and pineapple icon are sleek and structured. As the inclusion of a trademark element has the potential to come across as OTT, clean, black lines and a modern illustration style communicate a contemporary, upmarket feel.

An electric, eye-catching yellow is contrasted by black, enabling centre branding to stand out online and in-store. Primary typography is legible and strong, with a softer secondary type employed to balance bolder elements of the identity.

Built prior to the centre launch, landing page design engages the trio of brand elements – icon, colours and contrast – to generate general community excitement. Multiple directives link visitors to key Gibb Group contacts, encouraging development, centre and media enquiries.

Playful signage translates the brand’s vivid colour into neon applications. Standing out from concrete applications, the yellow is a strategic choice to assist customers with easy wayfinding.

Image applications are always black and white, inverting the main identity with overlay of yellow type. In addition to making content look more refined, use of monochrome images enables anyone to edit or supply content while maintaining brand consistency.

Press releases for the centre – focused primarily on economic growth – were featured by significant local publications and organisations, including Capricorn Enterprise, Livingstone Shire Council, and The Morning Bulletin.

Early successes in attracting major tenants to Stage 1 of the centre – including Bunnings and Reece Plumbing – reinforced the return of investment confidence to the Capricorn Coast. As Member for Keppel, Brittany Lauga, shared with press: “This project will not only enhance and develop the area’s retail sector, but it will also deliver a significant boost to our economy during the construction phases.”

The Morning Bulletin article reads very well – great job. Front page and page 7 in today’s paper. Thanks for all your help.

Matt Thiselton
National Development Director, Gibb Group

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