Danger Versus the Ranger is the first title in an exciting new Australian adventure series for primary school readers.

The publishing project of local author and illustrator Lindsay Holliday, the Danger series inspires children to be brave, resourceful, inclusive and to stand up for what is fair.

As the publisher of the Danger series, Danger Media needed a cohesive brand identity that was both professional and exciting to appeal to young readers, parents and teachers.

The goal was to pair clean design with engaging, homespun illustrations.


Putting a twist on the traditional ‘Danger’ symbol, the combination of the capital D and the exclamation point makes for a striking logo for Danger Media.

Quirky customised letters in the accompanying wordmark are continued across the brand’s bold primary typography, while the playful secondary font has a handwritten, youthful feel.

A bright, energetic colour palette appeals to a young demographic, while offering versatile design options for future books and merchandising.


With a visual identity now established, the brand style can be rolled out across Danger Media’s communications — starting with the book itself.

Following classic book cover design conventions, the jacket art contrasts the bold lines of the Danger wordmark and signature font with Lindsay Holliday’s charming illustrations. The brand’s primary red characterises the first book in the series, while future books can be paired with secondary shades from the colour palette.

Communications benefit from the versatility of the brand identity, keeping all applications consistent, engaging and familiar, no matter the context. A professional email signature makes simple, refined use of the assets, while book marketing collateral is colourful and lively.

Digital banners for the Danger website and social media double as promotional resources for the book and tie the brand’s clean design and youthful character together.

Wonderful, fabulous, brilliant — thank you! It’s just what I was hoping for. I think I’m putting my best foot forward thanks to your help.

Lindsay Holliday
Principal and Author, Danger Media

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