The Office of Sport is the NSW Government’s lead agency for sport and active recreation.

Its mission is to build active communities and increase the physical activity of the people of NSW by providing leadership, policies, programs, funding and infrastructure.

Launched in 2018, the Office of Sport’s Active Kids program offers parents, guardians and carers two $100 vouchers each year to contribute to their child’s participation in sport and active recreation. While brand awareness of the program was high and more than 5 million vouchers have been created since the program’s inception, only 55% of downloaded vouchers were actually being used.

A marketing campaign needed to appeal to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Greater Western Sydney, where voucher redemption rates were lowest.


The Office of Sport asked The Being Group to create a campaign that increased the numbers of vouchers created and redeemed in the lowest performing LGAs, while helping parents, carers and teenagers better understand the benefits of the program and the importance of sport and recreation.

In a strategic workshop with key Office of Sport stakeholders, The Being Group identified key strategic considerations in appealing to the target audience of parents, carers and teenagers in specific NSW communities, including the importance of using clear and simple messaging and the need to raise awareness of the diverse range of sports and activities available through the program. Following the workshop, a marketing strategy report and 12-month media plan outlined detailed execution recommendations, and our copywriters and designers developed three creative concepts for consideration.


The Office of Sport’s chosen campaign concept is all about encouraging children and teens to express themselves through sport. It empowers audiences to explore new experiences or rediscover a love of sport through bold and playful typographic design paired with inspirational imagery.

The campaign’s key tagline — Be Bold. Be Active. — is complemented by a range of short and inspirational headlines that are easily understood by the target market and versatile for use across a broad range of sports and activities.

Branding for the campaign includes bright colours, large typography, graphic elements that reflect movement and deep-etched imagery of kids having fun before, during and after sport. Design choices push the boundaries while working within NSW Government brand guidelines.

The Active Kids campaign design and messaging are flexible in application across multiple platforms, including social media, digital and radio advertising, and a suite of print marketing collateral for use by the sport and recreation providers themselves.

Campaign branding is outlined in a simple style guide to allow Office of Sport staff to continue to develop new content that is consistent and on-brand.

Video and Photography

Filmed on location in Western Sydney with local kids and teens, a hero video brings the Active Kids campaign branding to life, aiming to showcase as many sports as possible and highlight a diverse range of experiences.

The video shows kids and teens of different ages, genders and backgrounds interacting with animated graphic elements — swirls, linework and large typography — providing a connection to the broader campaign.

With quick-cut editing, clever transitioning between sports, players and equipment, the video is energetic and aspirational, prompting viewers to imagine the possibilities of sport.

Video cutdowns and social media edits offer versatility for the campaign across a range formats and platforms.

Further, photography captured during filming provides a suite of deep-etched images of children within the target demographic, allowing campaign materials, now and into the future, to better reflect the audiences the Office of Sport is looking to connect with.

“We have really appreciated all the assistance and support over the past couple of months. You have been incredibly flexible and delivered some really great work.”


Samantha Feyzeny
Head of Marketing and Communications, NSW Office of Sport

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